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Alexander Riftine, PhD is a research scientist with 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in Heart Rate Variability.


He received his MS in Automation and Computer Engineering from the Leningrad Naval Academy in the former Soviet Union (now St. Petersburg), and his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics in Kiev.


After 9 years as the Director of the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics at a Naval Hospital in Vladivostok, and 3 years as the Director of the Biomedical Research Laboratory in Moscow, he then spent 3 years as a research associate at the Cornell University Medical Center in New York.


His 30 years of research often find application in a range of medical and fitness products widely used in the medical, fitness, and equine veterinary fields. Dr. Riftine has also developed products for objective testing of the general health and special fitness conditions of Navy pilots, underwater divers, Navy seals and other marine personnel.


He is the President & CEO of both Intellewave, Inc. (specializing in the development and manufacturing of wireless cardiac monitoring devices for non-invasive fully automated quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system) and Dynamics Lab International (now Fitnesscore, LLC) (which specializes in fitness assessments of racing horses).  

From 1972-1980, Alexander Riftine served in the Naval Military Forces of the USSR, achieving the rank of
Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, Captain of 3rd Rank.

Alexander Riftine
Alexander Riftine, PhD
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