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Podcast #111 - How Cutting-Edge DNA Sequencing is Personalising Health and Wellbeing | Andreanna Rainville, RN, NC, Scientific Advisor

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Andreanna Rainville (“Nurse Andi”), RN, NC, Scientific Advisor

About  Andreanna Rainville (“Nurse Andi”), RN, NC

Andreanna Rainville (“Nurse Andi”), RN, NC, is a registered nurse and nutritional counselor, respected lecturer, instructor, and practitioner focusing on issues of genetics and methylation evaluation and support, nutraceutical medicine, diet therapy, immunotherapy, chronic illness and infection, detoxification, fertility, mold, pain management and pediatrics.

Raised on Kauai, Hawaii’s “garden island,” Andi has a lifelong curiosity for and connection to plant and nature-based health and wellness practices, serving individuals in all stages of human development.

Andi began her career in the healing arts as a chiropractic assistant, massage therapist/esthetician, and certified herbalist. Andi has worked with esteemed leaders in their fields, including Cynthia Keller, M.D. and Peter Levine, Ph.D., and globally renowned physician, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (M.D./Ph.D.). Andi’s work with Dr. Klinghardt spanned clinical (lead nurse) to educational (primary instructor for Klinghardt Academies) for two decades.

Andi’s passion for and experience in physics, Functional German Medicine, pain management, stem cell therapy, genetics, detoxification, and laser and light therapies, among many other specialties, make Andi a highly sought-after provider.

Andi’s life’s passion is empowering people to envision multiple choices for wellness. In addition to her work as Scientific Advisor for SNiP Nutrigenomics, Andi maintains a private clinical practice in Kenmore, WA.

Andi is also a wife and mother to a 14-year-old, whom Rainville calls her "..source of never-ending learning and love." She enjoys laughter, science innovations, farm-to-table style cooking and beach or forest adventure with people or dogs.

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Episode Highlights With Andreanna Rainville (“Nurse Andi”), RN, NC, Scientific Advisor

  • Raised on Kauai, Hawaii’s “garden island,” Nurse Andi’s “hippy” childhood exposed her to a variety of cultures and beliefs. Her journey led her to a bioregulatory approach to medicine and the belief that our bodies are powerful and are designed to make us live vibrantly.

  • Cutting-edge discoveries in genetics gives practitioners new keys to solving medical issues.

  • Nurse Andi is a scientific advisor for SNIP Nutrigenomics, which analyzes and reports on 100 actionable genetic variations, and offers personalized compounded supplements for 19 SNP’s. The reports offer dietary, lifestyle, and exercise suggestions, and the nutritional supplements are selected to help offset the impact of less-than-optimal SNPs and supports a variety of healthy functions. 

  • By focusing on only actionable genetic variations, patients can use that information to prioritize where to focus making changes to their health and wellbeing.

  • SNIP Nutrigenomics uses scientific data to calibrate the correct supplements and dosage for their patients based on the results.

  • They look for polymorphisms on the 19 SNIP’s which affect things like mood, how fats are stored and transported, inflammation, methylation, stress modulation etc.

  • After the cheek swab is submitted and analyzed, patients are given a color-coded report which indicates which genes to focus on. For example, if a patient has a normal functioning gene (wild type) it will be coded as green and they don’t need to worry about it. A gene that is heterogeneous (one properly functioning gene and one improperly functioning gene)  is labeled as yellow and it means that the patient should remain cautious. And lastly a gene that is homozygous means that the gene is not functioning properly and that the patient should do something about this gene before it potentially causes an issue.

  • The idea is to optimize gene function so that all of the body systems are supported. 

  • More information can be found at

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