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Etheric Medicine - Bringing the Unseen World to the Discussion with Bobbi Vogel

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Bobbi Vogel

About Bobbi Vogel

Bobbi Vogel is the founder of the Center for Etheric Medicine. She is a spirit taught clairvoyant healer, medical intuitive and medium to the soul, mind and body. She ascertains what is out of alignment creating vibrational dis-ease in the etheric body, both before and after it duplicates as a physical body illness.  Light, intention and reverence are the tools used as an architect of vibrational anatomy. She brings into alignment the soul, mind and body to create the environment for intrinsic healing and release.

Bobbi teaches that we must have compassion for our humanity as we consciously collaborate with our soul on the journey to health and healing. It all begins with faith.


She currently collaborates with doctors as this is the now of medicine.

Resources Mentioned:

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Episode Highlights with Bobbi Vogel

  • Bobbi had a profound personal experience when she hit rock-bottom and crafted a suicide plan. In a moment of despair she heard a message that there was “more to heal.”

  • One of the tools Bobbi utilizes is called reading the “Akashic Records.” The Akashic Records are seen as a timeless archive of all things within the universe.

  • Bobbi also is a clairvoyant healer and collaborates with doctors on their cases that are otherwise difficult to resolve conventionally.

  • Bobbi is able to tap into the energy of a person’s condition and “see” the energy as a density that needs to be cleared/released, which usually manifests as an illness.  The energy can be transmuted, therefore ending the symptoms.

  • Density in the etheric body will manifest as stagnation in the physical body. Physical ways to help this is to feed the body whole, organic foods, get enough light everyday, and movement medicine.

  • The Etheric Body is the “space of possibility” - it is the “light body” and overlaps the physical body, and communicates with it.

  • Oftentimes we speak about our bodies when we are sick as if the body is against us, as an enemy. This mindset and language compounds the issues and adds to energetic density.

  • What if symptoms were viewed as a crying baby having needs that we can meet with compassion, rather than a “problem” that needs to be fixed?

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