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Podcast #104 - An Incredible Technique and Technology for Relaxing Muscles and Improving Alignment | Brian Burzynski, DPSc, SRM

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Brian Burzynski, DPSc, SRM

About Brian Burzynski, DPSc, SRM

President and Chief Scientist of Intelligent Threads |  Founder and Chief Therapist of Synergy release Method (SRM)  

Brian Burzynski, DPSc, SRM has been practicing SRM® (Synergy Release Method®) therapeutic services since 2000. Known as the best kept secret in body structure and body functionality. He has practiced on over 40,000 patients and over 1,000 professional athletes with extreme success. Brian has taken his education in Quantum Engineering and Mechanics combined with 20 years of hands-on body alignment anatomy and physiology, to make the most sophisticated technologically advanced way to correct issues within a person’s body structure in minutes, Tension Release Technology, Intelligent Threads.

The SRM Clinics motto is, “We want to see you once. Then we have the technology to correct yourself.” Most patients receive 80%+ improvements within one session, without a need to return. Brian invented a new type of science and technology called Myoequilabrasion (MYO-E or Tension Release Technology) which communicates to the muscular and skeletal system, via a newly discovered/invented particle, releasing the engaged muscles holding your body out of balance. Within seconds of coming into contact, your hips align, muscle and structural pain is significantly reduced, the rib cage

raises allowing for more lung capacity, releasing tension from the traps, back, and down to the calf.


With our additional movements it sets the elbows in place gaining on average 5x grip strength, sets the knees allowing all leg muscles to fully engage. (Note: Our studies showed 99% of people’s knees are not in the correct position).

Last a few movements in the feet to completely release the back. Testing also showed an 80% increase in REM and Deep sleep. What the method can do in less than 2 minutes is better than a lifetime with a body structure alignment specialist. The technology can be bonded to any type of textile, example: shirts,hats, pants, blankets, car seats, etc.

This methodology took 16 years in research and development, 6 years of testing, and over 10000 people, all showing superb results. Athlete testing yielded a decrease in injury rates by over 80%,increasing endurance, muscular development, and agility balance.

With over 70,000 clinical hours and the call of God on his life to further and refine SRM® concepts of therapies, Brian has a continued vision to expand Synergy Release Method® therapeutic services and Intelligent Threads into the world’s most premier body structure methodology.

Brian has worked on many great athletes and celebrities, such as Fred Couples (PGA) Andy Roddick (Tennis) Andy Reid (NFL KC Chief Head Coach) Terrell Owens (NFL) Houston Street (MLB), Yao Ming (NBA) Zachary Levi (Movie Star), Lee Ann Rimes (Country Music Star), Dave Asprey (Godfather of Biohacking).

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Episode Highlights with Brian Burzynski

  • Brian Burzynski is a self-taught theoretical physicist and quantum engineer. In addition, he has independently studied functional medicine and alternative manual therapies. Through this work, he has developed a technique called the Synergy Release Method (SRM), and invented an incredible product called Intelligent Threads.

  • This product, Intelligent Threads, is the first ever quantum energy field textile, which communicates to the muscular and skeletal system, allowing the body structure to realign within seconds of contact with the material. 

  • Intelligent Threads has been tested on over 6,000 individuals for over five years. It's been proven to improve overall body structure by over 40% within the first two minutes of wear, and it helps to decrease pain, improve sleep, regulate blood flow, and improve recovery.

  • In high school, Brian suffered an ankle injury that was treated by realigning his knee. Fascinated by the idea that the body needs to be treated as a whole, Brian’s interest in body and muscle structure began. He mentored with the man who realigned his knee, and during that time they developed the Synergy Release Method together. This technique addresses issues at the pain site and then works outward from there to realign the body to its proper anatomical position.

  • After an injury, the body should be able realign back into its original anatomical position. However, when this fails to happen, the body will compensate and oftentimes cause pain in a different area of the body.

  • To realign a joint that is out of alignment, Brian first needs to release the muscles that are holding the body in the compensated pattern. This is how Brian developed Intelligent Threads, which is a fabric embedded with a technology called tension release technology. When this special fabric comes in close proximity to the body, it releases all of the engaged muscles.

  •  By just simply having someone wear a fabric made by Intelligent Threads,  muscles relax and release, allowing bones to be manually adjusted into their proper alignment.

  • Brian has developed a variety of products: shirts, camisoles, yoga pants, joggers, socks, hats, scarves, blankets, pillowcases, and sheets. And he just recently came out with an Arnica gel.

  • The company’s initial sleep study saw an 80% increase in REM and deep sleep on average per night.

  •  Brian uses his innovative high-tech  material as a tool in his practice every day. And that's why he designed it. His goal is to help people not need treatment, heal, and be well. 

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