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Podcast #27 - Tend Your Terrain - We are all one Ecosystem | Dr. Catherine Clinton

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Catherine Clinton

About Dr. Catherine Clinton

Dr. Catherine Clinton ND is a licensed naturopathic physician with a focus on gut health, autoimmunity and psychoneuroimmunology.


Respected author, speaker, pediatric health advocate, Dr. Catherine practices in Eugene, Oregon.


When in medical school Dr. Catherine was diagnosed with and healed from an autoimmune disease that effects the gastrointestinal tract, leaving her with a passion to prevent autoimmunity in children everywhere. Dr. Catherine addresses the psychoneuroimmune system and gut health of children and families through a deeper connection with the world around us.


Dr. Catherine is passionate about the connections we have with the world around us and how these connections can regenerate our health and the health of the planet. She sees an urgent need for healing our internal terrain as well as healing the terrain of the world we live in. Dr. Catherine has multiple peer-reviewed medical journal publications as well as guest writing for several publications.  

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My Message...
Fear is contagious, yet so is love.
Dr. Catherine Clinton

Foundation for Health Creation 

Episode Highlights with Dr. Catherine Clinton

  • When in medical school Dr. Catherine was diagnosed with and healed from an autoimmune disease.

    • Felt better applying some of the physical pieces yet achieved a deeper layer of healing after applying the the psychoneuroimmunology piece

  • Psychoneuroimmunology - the heart-brain connection

    • Our heart is a messaging system 

      • Sends more messages to the brain than vice versa​

      • Moving out of a Newtonian top down approach, focusing more on the subtle energies that affect our biology

      • Chronic stress and trauma have a detrimental effect on our microbiome

      • Biological functions shift in the immune system

      • Behavioral therapy creates different ways to activate and rewire our heart brain connection  that shift in the gut microbiome that cause decrease in T regulatory cells

      • Fear is contagious, but so is love... that heart brain connection and the power of love to be able to directly impact our biology directly and now proven by science

      • Ongoing debate of germ theory versus terrain theory

      • Bionary thinking - not everything is black and white. With the heart , brain, and gut those are messaging system

  • Three favorite recommendations:

    • Food Choices - humans have evolved over millenia with a very intimate connection with our food
      • Resistant starches cause T regulatory cells to multiply so we get a boost in anti inflammatory response
        • leeks, onions, garlic, asparagus, fennel ​
      • Omega 3 fatty acids​ - can create a positive shift in the gut microbiome
        • Best in natural form​
          • Fish - eat smaller fish like salmon, halibut, cod (stay away from tuna, swordfish, etc)
            • Website - (Seafood Watch) 
          • Algae 
    • Stress Management 
      • Heart, brain, gratitude​ (Heart Math Institute)
    • Connection with nature induces parasympathetic
      • Go in nature and connect with the earth​
        • Will still benefit even if it is on the concrete​
  • ​The terrain - we are a piece of an ecosystem

    • When one piece of the ecosystem is attacked (like the war on germs) it affects the whole​

    • We haven't discovered something that is new, we have discovered the reason why these relationships are so important, why our food matters so much why are relationships and community matters so much, why our relationship with the earth matters

    • Our body was made to deal with challenges, heavy metals, toxins. We need to  give our body what it needs so we can create new enzymes and new detox pathways

    • We are in the middle of the 6th extinction we have over a million species set to go extinct in the next two decades and that's that alone should give us some impetus to go out there connect with each other

    • We are a piece of an ecosystem and the more we fight against it the harsher it will become for us to live in it

Links & Resources Mentioned

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