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David Jernigan

Biohacking the Microbiome to Cure Disease - Induced Native Phage Therapy|

Dr. David Jernigan

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. David Jernigan

About Dr. David Jernigan

David Jernigan, DNM, DC is one of the country’s top innovators of precision bioenergetic testing and treatment technologies, with his most recent innovation, INPT (Induced Native Phage Therapy) possibly being one of his most important technologies to date.  He is constantly pushing the limits of research and development with a passion to get ever closer to 100% cure rate.

He was the first to publish a book on the natural treatment of people suffering from post-treatment Lyme Disease and is a published author of five books, with his best-seller being, “Beating Lyme Disease, 2nd Edition”.

He is nationally recognized as a leader in the purest form of medical treatment philosophy, Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine.

For 27 years, Dr. Jernigan and his team of doctors have only treated the toughest cases, with almost 90% of patients coming from other states and countries for his unique testing and treatments.

He has trained doctors to utilize his powerful new technologies in his flagship clinic, the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee, specializing in the treatment of chronic illness and previously considered incurable cases.

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My Quote:

“Phages are the great regulators of the planet.”

-Dr. David Jernigan

Episode Highlights with Dr. Jernigan

  • A phage is a “virus” that infect other microbes. 

  • Viruses need a host in order to replicate.

  • The best-case scenario with antibiotic treatment is killing 85% of the targeted bacteria. In contrast, phages can kill 100% of bacteria.

  • Where do phages come from?  We have a phageome (community) within our bodies - it begins at the moment of birth, and continues throughout life.

  • For every different type of bacteria, there is a different type of phage.

  • The relationship between phages and bacteria are symbiotic.

  • Phages are the great regulators of the planet.

  • There are no side effects with phage therapy 

  • There is no chemical agent to the medicine

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