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Why Chiropractic Care is Essential to Our Health | Dr. David Scheiner

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. David Scheiner

About Dr. David Shiner


Dr. David Scheiner is a Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher, Author, Doctor, Transformational Coach, and Speaker, sharing tried and true ancient, heart-based methods to enlighten the world.


Born in New York, he was exposed to spiritual practices at age 8. By his early teens, he had experienced many weekend retreat workshops facilitated by leading spiritual authorities.  He also made numerous excursions and adventures to remote lands in Mexico and Spain, learning from great spiritual masters who led him deeper into silence, his heart, and healing.


David found great success from 1996 – 2012 in the world of hands-on healing and speaking, as the founder of 4 holistic health and wellness centers and corporate-based wellness programs.


Despite living out what he always viewed as the “American dream,” David found himself hitting unexpected bumps-in-the-road both personally and professionally, feeling anxious, unfulfilled, and wanting more. Frightened of what might happen to him if he continued down that path, David sold his businesses and walked away from everything he had worked so tirelessly to build.


In 2012, David embarked on a quest to further his knowledge and understanding of the human body, mind, and spirit, to fully uncover his heart.  He dove into the far reaches of the USA, Canada, and Hawaii to study with great teachers while living in lengthy periods of contemplation and silence. He took a deep dive into meditation retreats and began the work of fully understanding and healing himself so he could in turn fully understand and heal others. 


In the last 25 years, David has created a devoted community made up of corporate employees, university students, and private coaching clients, and has taught meditation to well over 25,000 people.


His two books are spread around the entire globe and are helping hands-on healing specialists care for more patients and clients. 


He has studied with experts like Alan Cohen, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Bach, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Werner Ehrhardt, and other spiritual masters of our time. 


David is a lifelong student, he obtained his BA in Sociology, his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, has completed a year-long certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is certified in Transformational Coaching, is a Spiritual Intuitive, and has devoted his life to the study and practice of Personal Growth and Human Transformation. He synthesizes his diverse sources of knowledge and personal experience into his own extremely effective Coaching platform and unique messages of spiritual guidance. 

David has had the honor to share his health and spiritual methods and messages with the likes of IBM, GE, Home Depot, Delta Airlines, Colgate Palmolive, The Weather Channel, BYLR, Arizona State U, The U of Arizona, Northern Arizona U, Grand Canyon U, Scottsdale Community College, UC San Diego, U San Diego, UC Monterrey Bay, Cal Poly SLO, Eastern Washington U, Washington State U, Lewis-Clark State College, Seattle Pacific University, U Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran U, U Hawaii, BYU Hawaii, Farmingdale State College, Adelphi U, Hofstra U, Nassau Community College, Weber State U, Utah Valley U, UNLV, New Mexico Highlands U, New Mexico State U, U New Mexico.

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My message...

Allow yourself to fulfill the destiny you signed up...for when you made the choice to come alive!

Dr. David Scheiner

Episode Highlights with Dr. David Scheiner

  • Remember that the spinal cord informs the entire body – all organs, the brain –
    everything. The spinal cord is the most important aspect of the body which is
    why it is the only system encased in bone.

  •  The nerve system is our antennae where we can receive messages from the
    universe, if we are “tuned in.”

    • Pain relief is simply a by-product of a properly operating nervous system

    • “Subluxation” literally means “less light” in the person

    • Birth is one of the most traumatic processes we go through

      • Expecting parents are always encouraged to bring their newborns to receive
        chiropractic care

      •  Frequency at the beginning of care is to train the nervous system to start
        operating in a new, better way

  • Different types of chiropractic care…

    • ultimately, go where you enjoy and have
      good experiences.

    • All the chiropractic techniques work. Network is energy

      • Thompson is the table drop technique, there are pregnancy techniques
        involving ligaments, there are upper cervical techniques – it all depends on what
        the patient needs.

    • If you don’t have a great experience with a chiropractor, seek out someone else,
      who uses a different technique.

  • Most people go through life unfulfilled – Dr. Scheiner helps people find their
    purpose in life. Everyone’s purpose is already within them.

    • 90% of people do not enjoy their jobs or careers.

      • If you don’t love your job, pay attention! What action step do you need to take to
        change this reality?

        • Ask yourself, “What do I want?” “What would that do for me specifically, and
          what would that do for other people in my life?”
          o “What do I love doing?”
          o “What are my unique talents?”
          o “What does the world need?”
          o “What can I get paid for?”

      • It’s never too late to start a new chapter

  • The Five Flags of Transformation:
    o Forgiveness – do you have room for forgiveness in your life? Start with
    self-forgiveness. This is profoundly healing.
    o Love – Start with self-love & self-care & healthy boundaries
    o Acceptance – Self-acceptance “Accept this present moment as it is.”
    o Gratitude – Make a list of everything in your life that you are grateful for,
    and also a list of everything you would like to attract into your life
    o Surrender – Imagine whatever you need to let go of as a bunch of
    balloons in your hand. Then visualize yourself releasing the balloons and
    watching them float up into space.

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