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Podcast #110 - Why You Should Try Colon Hydrotherapy with Ozone for Removing Toxins and Improving Health | Dirk Yow

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Dirk Yow, BSc

About Dirk Yow, BSc

Dirk Yow is an expert in “the process of intestinal detoxification.” He holds a BS in Science
(Microbiology, Medicinal Botany, Drugless Healing) from Evergreen State College in Washington; and a
certificate from Germany in the use of oxygen/ozone as it relates to Precision Intestinal Oxidative
Hydrotoning (PIOH©).

Dirk coined the term PIOH after forty plus years of experience. He is an author, researcher, and a
scientist. Deeply committed to passing on his knowledge to the next generation, Dirk has several offices
throughout the U.S. and Canada. “Process” is the name given to each PIOH session, as each client is
treated with confidentiality and respect.

Resources Mentioned:

Dirk can be reached at the following:


Phone number: (206)459-0102


Dirk Yow, B.Sc.

PIOH Institute

126 Plumgrass St

Bluffton, SC


Episode Highlights with Dirk Yow, BSc

  • Dirk’s training in colon hydrotherapy is influenced by Adolph Combs, a German doctor, who was one of the first doctors who specialized in treating patients with return flow colon hydrotherapy. 

  • Using water in the colon through various techniques and systems goes back thousands of years. There is mention of this practice in various cultures as well. 

  • Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning (PIOH) was coined by Dirk as a technique which includes hydration, drainage, and aerobic supplementation.

  • Hydrotherapy does not wash out all of the good bacteria. Infact, bacteria doubles in population every 20 minutes.

  • Dirk believes that we are living in a much more toxic environment with an increased risk of pesticide contamination in more recent years.

  • Dirk uses ultra purified pH balanced water in his colon hydrotherapy treatments which enhances the body’s ability to  absorb water. 

  • He uses a visceral manipulation technique which uses gentle pressure to exercise the colon.

  • During PIOH sessions, Dirk has observed adhesions, white blood cells, dead lymph tissue drained from the colon.

  • a PIOH session includes the following crucial components: hydration, drainage, and aerobic supplementation.

  • The body gets triggered into a drainage response when it's hydrated.

  • Chemical exposure can be reduced through PIOH.

  • Dirk takes concentrated oxygen, a gas, and bubbles it into the ultra-purified pH balanced water, so that there are two ionic compounds - H2O and O3. The O3 has three or more atoms of oxygen and one bioavailable unattached, so that the reactivity between those two compounds gives the body energy.

  • Dirk will be doing a training workshop in October with Dr. Schallenberger.

  • The colon takes the brunt of everything. It's a major part of your immune system and has a major influence on your liver.

  • We are exposed to a variety of toxins from our environment and diet. Dirk teaches his patients about the connection to these toxins and their colon health.

  • Dirk refers to his treatment as ceremonial purification.

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