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Dr. Donna Ruiz

Our Children are Suffering: Why This Pediatrician's Bioregulatory Approach is Achieving Amazing Results!
​ | Dr. Donna Ruiz

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. Donna Ruiz

About Donna Ruiz


Dr. Ruiz received her MD from the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in the Philippines and completed a residency in Pediatrics at UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. Following residency, she completed fellowship training in Pediatric Rheumatology at The Hospital of Special Surgery, affiliated with Cornell University Medical College in New York. She completed her acupuncture education through the American College of Acupuncture in New York City with additional clinical training at Chengdu University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. She has been trained in the biomedical approach to autism and also has additional training in functional medicine, holistic nutrition, clinical homeopathy, herbal medicine, and IV therapies.

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Episode Highlights with Donna Ruiz

  • As an allopathically trained doctor, Dr. Ruiz began seeing chronic issues in her pediatric practice, such as ear infections, and saw how antibiotics were compounding the long-term issues rather than solving them. This led her into a more functional medicine approach, which led to energetic medicine and homeopathy.

  • Oscillococcinum is a go-to homeopathic remedy during flu season, especially as a preventive measure.  1-2 garlic drops per ear are excellent for ear infections in children.  

  • Dr. Ruiz uses acupuncture with homeopathy, leaving the needles in for 1-2 minutes for children as opposed to 20-30 minutes in adults.

  • IV ozone is effective for PANDAS

  • Ozone is proven to balance the immune system and increase energy

  • Ozone began as a treatment in the 1950’s.

  • Ozone works by making more free radicals and stimulating mild oxidative stress in the body, triggering the nerve-II pathway which improves cellular function and supports the body in fighting infection.

  • IV ozone allows the patient to sleep, which further supports the body’s regulatory mechanism of healing during infection.

  • For children who will not tolerate IVs, rectal or nasal ozone is an option.

  • While physical healing can occur with homeopathy and integrative medicine, if energetic/emotional healing does not happen, the health will be limited. Trauma healing is a crucial aspect of regulation.

  • Deep meditation allows us to access 5D - holographic reality through the quantum field. 

  • Heart energy extends 500 feet beyond the body.

  • For the child to heal, the parents must heal also.  If there is an energetic disconnect, healing ultimately will not occur.

  • Healing generational trauma is essential both for the ultimate health of children, and for our future - children are our future!

  • Mindfulness apps can be used with kids to help them “meditate to health.”

  • As a parent, if you are not happy with your child’s health practitioner, find a new one!

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