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Frank Pleus

Podcast # 30 - Just Because You Have Lyme Doesn't Mean You Need Antibiotics! |
Dr. Frank Pleus

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Frank Pleus

About Dr. Frank Pleus


Dr. Frank Pleus, MD, DDS, OMFS is a Swiss physician has earned degrees in dentistry and medicine. His training in integrative medicine took place in Switzerland, followed by dental education in Germany and Switzerland; medical education in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland; and oral and maxillofacial surgery training in Germany and Switzerland. As part of his education, Dr. Pleus trained as a general practitioner in internal and family medicine, gastroenterology, medical psychology, neuraltherapy, orthomolecular medicine, phytotherapy and naturopathic treatments. He is the author of many doctoral papers on dentistry and medicine.

Dr. Pleus has been one of the key academic lecturers on bioregulatory medicine for the Bioregulatory Medicine Network at the Marion Institute in Marion, Massachusetts. For more than a decade, he has introduced the core precepts and practices of bioregulatory medicine at the annual spring meetings of the Network. Doctors, dentists, naturopaths, and lay attendees have learned about bioregulatory medicine and its healing methodologies as well as approaches in personalized medical practice that can further restore the body and prevent illness.

Dr. Pleus’s very unique medical practice, Concièrge Medical Services Switzerland, offers personalized integrative medicine and dentistry, health case management, prevention, and rehabilitation. Dr. Pleus’s concept emphasizes truly spending time with patients, listening to their histories, and looking at interactions among various genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health, heal chronic-multiplex diseases, and create awareness for preventative behavior. As a European integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Pleus firmly believes that maintaining health and healing means integrating all levels of human existence.

Medical Education
Dentistry, RWTH Aachen, Germany (1996)
Medicine, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany (2002)
OMFS (Oral/Maxillo-Facial Surgery)

Biological dentist and Biological doctor
Complex homeopathy, Isopathy and homotoxicology
Orthomolecular medicine and phytotherapy
Neural therapy, darkfield microscopy, thermography and meridian diagnostics




My Message...
Life needs to be appreciated, no matter what because it's a big gift- our existence - and it is a must that we contribute to that...
Dr. Frank Pleus
Greg Glaser

Foundation for Health Creation 

Episode Highlights with Dr. Frank Pleus

  • Many of Dr. Pleus’s Lyme patients have had conventional antibiotic treatments which provide temporary relief and then worsening symptoms, including neurological symptoms

  • Some patients have been completely undiagnosed for many years and come with complex problems from a disease that was left untreated

  • Conventional medicine only offer Lyme patients heavy doses of antibiotics

  • In most cases, the problem is deeper than a spirochete infection, but rather the entire environment of the body is compromised, which is why co-infections are so common with Lyme disease

  • Lyme is not the root problem, but rather:

    • Toxic load – heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, insecticides

    • Hyper acidic environment presents a problem for the body’s enzymes

    • Intestinal health and microbiome composition may be compromised

    • Immune system imbalances – cytokines, immunoglobulins

  • These issues ramp up the pathogenicity of the particular pathogen.  There are many people living a healthy, robust life who are living with Lyme spirochete pathogens, and co-infection pathogens.  If the inner milleau is sound, there will not be pathology.

  • The inner milleau is the “soil” of the body – the way for the body’s metabolic functions to perform and communicate optimally

  • Food is major foundation of inner milleau.  Choosing organic, robust foods which have had a healthy growth cycle exposed to sunshine, plus probiotics – a huge boon to the inner milleau.

  • Fostering a more alkaline environment also supports the inner milleau.

  • Hyperproteinization – many Americans have too much protein in their systems, which hinders the healing process

    • protein sources should mainly come from plant-based foods

    • Farmer’s Markets are wonderful way to support community while also supporting your own inner milleau

    • Saltwater fish is highly contaminated due to oil spills, etc.

  • Dark field microscopy – specific tool to address inner milleau 

  • Assessing Lyme via BioRegulatory Medicine – test toxins, environmental toxins, hormone profiles, microbiome testing, assess inflammation, etc.

  • Detox via binders, vitamin C, support glands during detox process

  • Teeth associated with gut meridian are often involved with Lyme patients

  • Addressing dental health is crucial in treating Lyme effectively

  • Antibiotics can be beneficial the first few days after a tick bite, but in majority of long-term cases, antibiotics are not beneficial because the root is not being addressed

  • Cell Wall Deficient Forms – bacteria can develop from a lower to higher level pathogenicity.  During this transition the bacteria can lose its cell wall.  Without a cell wall around bacteria, the immune system cannot recognize the pathogen.  Antibiotics can add to this problem, burrowing the issue even further into the body.

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