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The Hydration Foundation - Everything You Never Knew About Staying Hydrated, But Absolutely Need To! (Hint: Drinking Water Isn’t Enough) | Gina Bria

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Gina Bria

About Gina Bria


Gina Bria is a anthropologist and founder of the Hydration Foundation, recognized as a leading resource for hydration science and education.  She has been named a Real World Scholar and is Co author with Dr. Dana Cohen, MD of QUENCH: Your five day plan to Optimal Hydration recommended by the New York Times, Oprah’s O Magazine, NPR and many other media sources who recognize how she is changing the conversation on hydration, making it easier for us all.  Through her initiatives at the Hydration Foundation, Gina is heading an initiative to Re-hydrate Thirsty Mother Earth, collecting donations to supply farmers with water saving and soil decontamination devices. We can recover our soil acre by acre through better water. Find the link to donate at

Links and Resources Mentioned

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My Quote:

“Don’t ever drink a naked glass of water again.”

-Gina Bria

Episode Highlights with Gina Bria

  • All leafy greens are 94-96% water, and excellent ways to hydrate.

  • The body can assimilate the water from these kinds of vegetables even easier than straight water.

  • While eating something like an apple, or a pear, the fiber contained in these foods work to bring the water into the cells.  Drinking along with a whole food is a smart way to hydrate.

  • At high altitudes, traditional cultures use things such as stews, soups, or hot cocoa to hydrate - the fats included in these foods help the body to hydrate more efficiently.

  • When you drink plain water, it interferes with the water that your body has worked hard to store.

  • Start by placing a tiny amount of himalayan sea salt in your water, and/or a squeeze of lemon or lime.  Perhaps a capful (1 tsp) of apple cider vinegar. Use tea such as licorice, nettle, chamomile or green tea.  All these methods of hydration have an electrical charge contained in them that enables the body to communicate with, and assimilate better.

  • Chia seeds added to your diet is an extraordinary way to aid hydration.  Try taking 1-2 tablespoons of chia seed pudding before bed to remain hydrated.

  • When we consume healthy fats, we are “feeding” the phospholipids within the cell membrane, which are the gatekeepers of hydration.

  • Sunning, and grounding barefoot will contribute the electrical impulses needed for proper hydration.

  • Movement is a driver of hydration.  When we move, our fascia and muscles squeeze and constrict, creating an electrical power, which informs the efficiency of the hydration system within the body.  Movement is an amazing regulatory principle.  Movement also flushes out the lymph, which works in concert with hydration.

  • Warm water, or room temperature water is in general, better for the body than cold water.  Morning is the best time to begin rehydrating from the night before. If coffee is being consumed, add fat such as ghee or butter to help assimilate the liquid.  Consider making smoothies that include leafy greens, which carries a lot of water!

  • 2% decline in hydration leads to cognitive decline.

  • Imagine the cognitive capabilities we have at our disposal when we are properly hydrated!

  • Vortexing water is an amazing way to organize the structure of water, to better assimilate it into the body.

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