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Hamid Jabbar

Mineral Shamanism: Getting to the Root of the Problem with Mineral Ratios and Sound Healing| Hamid Jabbar

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Hamid Jabbar

About Hamid Jabbar

Hamid Jabbar has spent the better part of his adult life exploring Eastern philosophical and practical systems of Western Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Thai bodywork, energy work, Amazonian plant medicines, and other traditional healing methods.


Prior to his fifteen years of working in the healing arts, Hamid was a successful lawyer in Los Angeles before moving to Arizona to reconnect with himself and his true passion of helping others. When not advising clients and educating on many expansive topics of health, Hamid focuses his work on the use of sound and plant medicines in meditation, yoga, and transcendent experiences.


Hamid is the voice behind @mineralshaman on Instagram, a platform discussing the intersection of mineral balancing, plant medicines, spirituality, and ancestral wisdom. His websites are and

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Health Coaching, Sound Practitioner Training, and More

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Morley Robbins' Book

Episode Highlights with Hamid Jabbar

  • Through being a successful lawyer in Los Angeles, Hamid Jabbar began recognizing a pattern among his clients - that in being brought to a time of conflict in their lives, there also were patterns of chronic illness and disease.  He began helping outside of the courtroom until one of his law partners observed that he was not there frequently, at which point he decided to take the leap and change his life path and career.

  • With the modern understanding of anatomy/physiology and medicine, the philosophy is to study the human body from the outside - in.  Shamanism and plant medicine takes the opposite approach by studying the interaction of medicine with the body from the inside - out.

  • The fact that Westerners have become more interested in Ayahuasca rather than using the traditional method of going to see a shaman who would drink the plant medicine themselves, speaks to the fact that we are further entering an age of self-healing.  

  • Morley Robbins talks about minerals from a metabolic-health state.

  • Hamid and his teacher began noticing that Western clients were extremely minerally depleted in contrast with natives from South America and other parts of the world that are more traditional.  For example, when Westerners would travel to undergo healing journeys with plant medicine, they were not able to withstand some of the preliminary processes such as fasting, or severe diet changes, whereas the native tribal people had more robust mineral reserves and did not have problems as a result of the preparations.

  • A typical preparation diet before a plant-medicine ceremony might include eliminating all salt and fat from the diet. If one has enough mineral reserves, this can be well-tolerated, but the majority of Westerners do not have enough reserves due to adrenal fatigue and other chronic underlying metabolic conditions.

  • The Root Cause Protocol is a step-by-step process to help people restore mineral balance to their system.  The steps are simple, such as: add minerals to your water, get on a whole-food diet, add magnesium and more.  The Root Cause Protocol is a 25 page protocol and is free online.  However, the protocol is best utilized and programmed to be used in conjunction with a practitioner.  It is a conservative and harmless protocol that restores cellular energy and health.

  • Music, frequency, drums, tibetan bowls, etc encourages the body/system to enter a state of consciousness that facilitates self-healing.

  • Our modern way of life forces us to consume a “poor sound diet” with traffic, engines, electric hums, TV, etc when our nervous systems are wired for birdsong, water trickle, and acoustic music frequencies.

  • To improve one’s “sound health” - take an assessment of what you hear on a normal basis. Are they artificial sounds?  Or nature-sounds?  

  • If you are listening to something, try to make it the only thing you are doing in the moment.  This will bring your nervous system to a calmer state.

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