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Heidi Sullivan




Award General Guidelines:

Applicants must email an original, unpublished work on a topic related to Biological Regulatory Medicine. It should not exceed 2,000 typed words.


This must include a cover sheet with the following information: applicant's name, address, telephone number and email address; 250-word biographical profile, including your interest in bioregulatory medicine, goals and current status, and a photograph.


Submission deadline is December 1st, 2021. To be impartial, the $1,000 winner(s) will be chosen through a lottery (name in the hat). The application cycle begins May 1st, 2021. We only accept online PDFs submitted to

In honor of Heidi, the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute has created the ‘BRMI Heidi Sullivan Writer’s Award." We will award $1000 annually to a chosen individual who submits an original article on a topic related to Biological Regulatory Medicine. Chosen articles will be featured in upcoming E-Journals.


Dr. Cox has been working with complex and difficult conditions for over 13 years. He feels  blessed to be able to help lead people to freedom from chronic illness. Dr. Cox believes that true  health care involves educating and encouraging his patients to know all that is possible according  to the abundance of God’s design. He has found that true health comes from transforming the  dynamic forces of the human body. For this, he sought out training and mentorship with leaders  and pioneers in natural medicine. 

His interest in bioregulatory medicine began during his 5 years working at the Hansa Center for  Optimum Health while studying with Dr. David Jernigan. Dr. Cox’s education was deepened by  his certification in Biological Medicine with Dr. Thomas Rau. Since then, he has been actively  researching and refining clinical applications of bioregulatory medicine with his colleagues and  cofounders at the Institute for Restorative Health. 

Dr. Cox is also certified in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. He  understands that medicine must be personalized and looks forward to partnering with his patients  to help them understand their own healing potential.

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Silica: Bringing up and Healing the Past, Protecting the Future

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