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The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick

About Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick

Dr. Hennie received her B.A. in Medical Ethics from Cornell University and her M.D. from George Washington School of Medicine. She pursued a residency in the then-new specialty of Family Practice – as it was the only post-graduate training that explored the effect of someone’s personal life on health or illness – completing her internship at University of New Mexico Family Practice residency program and at Case Western Reserve University.


Dr. Hennie served in the National Health Service Corps from 1985-1997. She developed an Adolescent Medicine Center in Cleveland, a migrant health center in rural Ohio, and practiced on a Reservation for the Oneida Indians in Wisconsin. Through these experiences, along with her work in a mobile clinic in Santa Fe, Dr Hennie realized she needed to broaden her understanding regarding the root causes of illness and that “wellness” is not achieved by being on the right medications.


She began studying Integrative Medicine with Thomas Rau, MD and was certified in European and Biological Medicine in 2003. She then created an Integrated Health Center which included a dentist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, sound therapist and movement specialist. Dr. Hennie was one of the first physicians to be certified in Functional Medicine - and is also certified in Functional Medicine and Integrative Oncology. She has served as Medical Doctor at The BioMed Center of New England.

Dr. Hennie truly believes that modern healthcare needs to expand to include an understanding of systems biology, of individual uniqueness and the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.


Message from Dr. Hennie-

"We are a hologram of our earth. You cannot have healthy people without a healthy earth. Likewise, you cannot have a healthy earth without healthy people."~

Coming in November!
A free e-book! 
"When to Watch, When to Worry"
by Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick

Episode Highlights with Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick

  • Understanding the internal ecosystem and her evolution into bioregulatory medicine

  • Books about prenatal medicine (see show notes)

  • The effects of stress and toxic load on prenatal development

  • Toxins found in core blood

  • The importance of detoxing prior to pregnancy if possible (Mother's will get their cortisol in the third trimester from the baby if insufficient)

  • The importance for men also to care for their health in the context of pregnancy

  • The rise of chronic illness in children 

    • 1:2500 children had a chronic illness in 1989​

    • 1:2 children have a chronic illness today

    • 1:3 children in NJ have progressive autism

    • Your children presenting with anorexia and depression

  • Importance of ​being well colonized from to skin contact, breast feeding 

  • Importance of contact with dirt and nature

  • When to introduce and what to introduce to infants 

    • Start slow, start with vegetables, allow to self-feed and make a mess

    • The problem with wheat is that it is modified 

    • Cow dairy is hard on people primarily due to pasteurization

  • Allow parents to relax and have their own approach​

  • Vaccines:

    • The number has increased exponentially​, and is supported by media messages

    • See attached pdf for the change in the vaccine schedule

    • The risk of infectious disease and the protection of breast milk. 

    • The vaccines show a greater risk/benefit versus the diseases 

  • Viruses can help a developing immune system​

    • Chickenpox vaccine implicated in shingles in children

    • Every illness educates our immune system

    • Measles is not a fatal illness when the body is supported with vitamin A

    • Vaccines can spread the disease they are meant to prevent

  • The importance of informed consent​

    • Doctors should work with you and be an advisor to you​

    • Well child visits have become vaccine visits that are incentivized and may be a large component of pediatricians offices

    • "Anti-vaccers" are mislabeled as they are very well informed

    • Parents will often report a change in their children after vaccination: seizures, anxiety, health issues

  • Fever in children: when to watch and when to worry​

    • Avoid Tylenol - reduces glutathione, stresses the liver ​

    • Most often fever is a natural process and can be a healthy sign

Links & Resources Mentioned

Suggested books:

How to End the Autism Epidemic - J.B. Handley


The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be - Martha Herbert,

Hennie Fitzpatrick MD
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