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Podcast # 23 - Beyond Hydration - Water is Information! | Ian Kennedy

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Ian Kennedy

About Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy was born in 1958. His early years were deeply influenced by his father who was a self educated naturalist. Ian attended Neshaminy high school graduating in 1977. He worked with the mentally disabled for many years before completing his first of many black belt rankings in both Kenpo and Shotokan Karate.


In the mid 1980’s Ian founded Inner Circle Martial Arts and taught for over fifteen years. He also joined the U.S. Army and was trained as a combat medic.


In 2005 Ian founded True Wellness of PA, a nutritionally based holistic health center. In 2006, he began his formal studies in the European Biological Medicine program designed by Dr. Thomas Rau, completing that program in 2008. Since that time he has continued his studies with world renowned natural practitioners and doctors committed to the Bioregulatory approach to health.


Currently he sits on the board of advisors for BRMI, the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute, which is a non-profit organization devoted to education and the promotion of Bioregulatory Medicine.


Today, Ian continues to guide people into what he has termed as a Bioregulatory Lifestyle. Presently he lives in Harleysville Pennsylvania with his wife, and his partner in True Wellness, Kelly and their son Silas. 


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My Message...
We are essentially a water droplet filled with energy.
Ian Kennedy

Foundation for Health Creation 

Episode Highlights with Ian Kennedy

Beyond Hydration - Water is Information! | Ian Kennedy.


Water: The Basis of Life

  • One of the 5 elements in Chinese Medicine

  • History holds a spiritual context to water

  • ​It is said that the human body is 70% water yet...​

    • The brain and cells are comprised of  90% water ​

    • Is it possible that we are essentially a water droplet filled with energy?

  • The five bodies

    • The physical body - experienced through touch​

    • The mental body - experienced through logic, - the intellect

    • The emotional body - experienced through the 5 senses

    • The energetic body  - experienced through energy

    • The informational body - known as the karmic body it holds the information of all times

      • All are equally important yet the informational body anchors the rest​

        • water is a liquid computer that holds information​

  • The difference between structured and non-structured water​

    • Tap water picks up information throughout its travels​ and is not biologically active

    • BAS (biologically active substances) provide the proper format for structured water

      • Sodium and minerals

      • Spinned water

      • Helps hold information

      • Likes Berkey filter as it gives time for the water to sit

        • Can then be put in glass containers

        • May write affirmations that face the water​​

    • Think of foods in terms of water content​

      • Vegetables and fruits are the highest​

      • We ingest not only the nutrition, yet the information

      • Who prepares our food, how it is grown, etc. all has an effect

    • The human body is information held in water​

      • This is confirmed by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto​

    • For example, milk from a one cow is vastly different than milk in stores that is made from 32,000 cows. ​

    • Traditionally water has been stored in copper vessels

      • Lab tests may need to be performed if water is consumed this way​

  • Hydration: Important to hydrate, however our approach may be wrong

    • Sipping water eliminates our natural feedback loop for thirst

      • Eliminates minerals and can cause brain fog
      • ​Drink in am to rehydrate from sleep(~16 oz.) and only when thirsty

        • Drink water at room temperature

        • Coffee and tea okay - check with blood type

    • Move from compulsion to consciousness

      • Follow the 80/20 rule allowing for enjoyment and relaxing rules 20% of the time​

      • Health is a journey and not a destination

  • How do you assess the informational body?​

    • The ANS (autonomic nervous system) and with kinesiology​

      • Our body holds ALL the information

      • May need to be cleared by introducing new vibrations like tuning an instrument​

    • The Sound of Soul retunes the vibration​

      • Helps the body process information better

      • We are overloaded with information. For example, homeopathy and acupuncture used to be effective, yet there is so much clutter, these therapies are now less effective

    • Healing also requires touch

      • An essential form of communication

    • Healing also requires a practitioner that will take time and listen (a hallmark of Bioregulatory Medicine)​

      • Working in partnership with patients yields the best results​

        • Figuring out answers together ​

        • Healing occurs through letting go

        • Sanum remedies heals through energetics

  • Ways to use water

    • Showers allow the electrons to pass over the body​

      • Go from hot to old - provides appropriate stress to make us stronger​

      • Soaking can remove ions

      • Use filter to remove chlorine

    • Best water​

      • Spring water​

      • Invest in good water filtration. (Buy a filter or be a filter)

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