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What’s In a Label? A Conversation with an “Anti-Vaxxer” About Bridging the Gap With Data and Action | Irene Pi

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Irene Pi

About Irene Pi

Irene Pi is the Arizona State Director of the National Vaccine Information Center, a local activist, and single mom dedicated to ‘Educating our Legislators.’

In this role Irene has helped organize protests at the CDC as well as the Capitol in DC, organizing a legislative lobby day with participants traveling in from across the nation to meet one-on-one with Federal Representatives and Senators exclusively to discuss the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the exploding vaccine schedule and the corruption within the CDC. She has introduced legislation in her state as well as hosted several Vaccine Education Summits, and most recently a Town Hall with Dr. Peter McCullough.


Having experienced vaccine injury herself, as well as other family members, she immersed herself into the investigation of this topic befriending experts at the top of their fields, reading and attending lectures around the country spending well over 10,000 hours on the subject in the last 20 years. 

Irene works at a national level with other state leaders as well as with local constituents and legislators alike to ensure Arizona exemption laws and the Parents’ Bill of Rights are never compromised.

Episode Highlights with Irene Pi 

  • Irene was vaccine injured as an adult when she received required vaccines to become a flight attendant in 1985.

  • Irene became involved in advocacy when California eliminated the option to refuse exemption to vaccines for personal beliefs via SB277.

  • In 2010, Bill Gates and his foundation decided that the following decade would be the decade of the vaccine.

  • Irene sets about educating legislators, as many of them do not have a full set of information or data when they are asked to vote on vaccine-related bills.  Meanwhile, they are being inundated, influenced, even “bought” by lobbyists who are being paid by big Pharma companies.

  • There is an organization called Association of Immunization Managers – these are typically the heads of the departments of Health Services.  The Arizona Partnership for Immunization is an entity which was begun by a state senator who is not open to looking at data contrary to the mainstream narrative.

  • Open-mindedness is crucial when speaking to others who hold a different perspective than oneself.

  • If someone is open-minded to receiving new information, ask if they would prefer to learn via reading, viewing, or listening?  We do not all learn the same ways.

  • When meeting with legislators, remember that one constituent represents many.  For example, in Arizona, one constituent meeting with a legislator represents approximately 300 people.  Irene recommends meeting in groups of 2-3. Remember you are simply having a conversation.

  • Why has this become a politicized issue? Our society has been ingrained with the overindulgence of using and misusing medicine. We have also been conditioned via academia, which is partly funded by our government, with ties to Big Pharma. In the beginning, STEM programs were supported largely by the Republican party.  Somewhere in the 1990’s this shifted, as the STEM programs began targeting more inner-city schools. 

Links & Resources Mentioned

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