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Jane Hogan

Create Your Own Reality: Harnessing the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection to Remove Chronic Pain | Jane Hogan

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Jane Hogan

About Jane Hogan

Jane Hogan, "The Wellness Engineer," blends science and spirituality to help people release chronic pain using the mind, body and breath so they can become empowered creators of their own health.  


Her personal experience of reversing crippling rheumatoid arthritis using natural solutions inspired her to leave a 30-year engineering career and become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and wellness educator. 

Combining ancient wisdom with leading edge science, Jane’s Wellness by Design Blueprint has helped hundreds of people release chronic pain naturally. She is the host of the Wellness by Design podcast and her empowering message has been featured on numerous podcasts and summits. She has been published in Thrive Global and Elephant Journal magazines.

Resources Mentioned:

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Wellness by Design Podcast

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Episode Highlights with Jane Hogan

  • Jane’s personal journey of rheumatoid arthritis led her down a path of functional medicine health coaching, and energy work as well.

  • “Pain is the way of calling our attention” to something that needs addressing - it is a “Calling to a better version of yourself.”

  • When chronic pain is present, there is always an emotional component.

  • Thoughts create things… we can create pain via our thoughts, and we can also remove that pain via thoughts.

  • Tools that can be used to reduce pain:  proper foods / anti-inflammatory foods, journaling, visualization, breathwork, personal boundaries, movement and prioritizing sleep and self-care.

  • Our words are powerful - our thoughts are powerful.

  • Avoid phrases such as “my pain,” or “my condition,” because as we take ownership of things, they become more powerful in our lives.

  • Positive affirmations are equally powerful.

  • Pay attention to your triggers, and allow them to point you in the direction of healing. When you feel a trigger, notice where you feel it in your body.  For example, if you feel it in your neck/jaw, realize that energy is not flowing easily through that area.  Bring your awareness to the area with your breath, bringing energy via the inhale, and upon the exhale, expand the energy in all directions.  As you continue breathing, via inward thought, or out loud, say a positive and reassuring sentence acknowledging the sensation such as, “I’ve got you, I see you, I notice.”  

  • Physiologically, breathing in through the nose creates nitric oxide, and gets more oxygen into the body.  Slow breathing and belly breathing activates the parasympathetic state and gets more oxygen into the limbs.

  • Intentional breathwork gets us into the present moment, immediately and easily calming the mind.

  • Quantum science tells us we are 99.99% energy, and only 0.01% matter.  

  • Feelings and thoughts are vibrations. If you are feeling low, depressed, angry, sad, or other lower-vibrating feelings, this will be further attracted into your experience.  In contrast, if you are feeling positive feelings such as joy, happiness, gratitude and love, you will attract more of these vibrations into your life.

  • When struggling with chronic pain, seek out stories of others who have reversed a life of chronic pain and illness to inspire you to visualize how you want to be.  Create the feelings, thoughts and sensations that are present when you are fully well and pain-free.  What would you be doing?  How do you look?  How do you feel?  Concentrate on breathwork as you visualize.  Create as many moments throughout the day as you can where you are not focused on the pain.

  • Beliefs are extremely powerful - changing one’s belief about their journey with chronic pain has the power to heal.

  • Self-talk is also critically important.  Speak and think positively to yourself - use the same kind words you would speak to someone else when you speak to yourself.

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