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Jess Peatross

Stagnation Brings Dis-Ease! Opening Detox Pathways for Health with

Dr. Jess Peatross

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. Jessica Peatross

About Jessica Peatross

Dr Jessica Peatross is a previously board certified MD who left the conventional medical system to chase root cause answers for her patients. She is trained in ozone, gerson therapy, nutrigenomics and functional medicine   Today she helps clients all over the world get to the root cause using her platform Wellness Plus.

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Cell Core
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Episode Highlights with Jessica Peatross

  • When Dr. Jess began realizing the power of self-healing and natural modalities, her medical career shifted from the modern-medical-modal to the BioRegulatory way.

  • Opening drainage pathways is crucial for healing.  Spending time with patients and asking complex questions is key.

  • Detox pathways: bowels, bile, lymph, fascia, liver, mitochondria, sweat, etc.

  • If you are not able to sweat in a sauna, or have regular bowel movements, detoxing can be harmful to you.

  • When stagnation is present in the liver, there may be anger stored in the body (according to traditional Chinese medicine.) Questions to ask: How do you deal with caffeine?  Is there a limit to what you can handle?  How do you process alcohol?  Can you detox it easily?  

  • The inability to sweat can indicate stagnation in the mitochondria or lymph.

  • Estrogen-dominance can be a result of a stagnant gallbladder.

  • If your physical organs are stuck, your emotions are stuck as well.

  • Mold can be found in our foods, even meat, if the animal ate moldy hay.  Mold produces mycotoxins, which can cause extensive cellular damage.

  • Mold toxicity can also create cytokine storms 

  • You can test both your body, and your home to see where the “mold culprit” is coming from, by comparing the two differing strains of the body and the home.

  • Environmental Relative Moldy Index - (ERMI) test available from the

  • If you have asthma all of a sudden after moving into a new home, urinary urgency at night, sudden bedwetting among children, pins and needles in extremities, etc… perform your due diligence and test for mold.

  • Usually mold mycotoxins are not “alone” in a chronically ill person. If you have mold, check with your practitioner to see if you are having problems with pathogenic parasites, or other microorganism imbalances, such as candida overgrowth.  

  • Parasitic infection symptoms are: itchy anus, dairy sensitivity, night muscle tension, anxiety at night around the full moon, eczema, teeth grinding, and TMJ.

  • CellCore has supplements which work with the moon cycle to target parasites.

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