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Justin Frandson

What You Can’t See Can Absolutely Harm You - How to Mitigate EMF Damage to Your DNA | Justin Frandson

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Justin Frandson

About Justin Frandson

Justin Frandson, an Athleticism Performance Coach and the Founder of and He is the author of Athleticism Whole Body + Whole Brain + Performance. About a decade ago he saw his athletes breaking down from wearable technology and looked to nature to solve the man-made EMF challenge. Sold at doctor clinics across the country, his Grounding Bags are the leading natural answer for helping people co-exist with EMF.

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Book on the History of Electricity and Its Affect on Human Health

Episode Highlights with Justin Frandson

  • When Justin began seeing clients’ performance decline, he began researching the difference between man-made and natural electricity.

  • The main difference Justin found was that we are designed with scalar waves which distribute evenly in every direction, while man-made electricity is one-directional.  That singular directional energy is a polarizing charge for our body.  

  • “Dirty electricity” -There are 3 main categories of electricity and meters that are developed to measure the speed of the wavelength of each of those stressors:

  • Magnetic resonance will be 50-60hz per second

  • Dirty electricity is about 4000-100,000 waves per second

  • Wireless waves are a million to billions of waves per second.

  • 5G is 60-90 billion waves per second.  Smart phones and watches are also in the billions of waves per second.

  • In contrast, our brain waves, when sleeping, are around 1 or below waves per second.  Clearly, EMF waves are exponentially faster than our brain’s natural waves.

  • This is a huge reason we as a culture have trouble sleeping.

  • Remember to turn off your Wi-Fi router every night!  Put your phones on airplane mode, or turn your phone all the way off every night. 

  • What can we do? First, identify the invisible stressors inside your home: Get an EMF meter to assess your home.  These can be bought at Stetzer Electricity, among other places.

  • Having wireless earbuds in your ear is shooting 2.45 billion waves of radiation per second into your inner ear, right next to your brain(!)

  • Proximity matters!  Do not put your laptop on your lap.  Don’t let your kids put iPads or other devices in their laps.  Place a faraday bag underneath the device, and have a grounding device on your bed if you must place something on your lap.

  • SmartMeters are two-way sensors which go into the house, and send signals back to the substation every 7-15 seconds to inform them which devices are being used, and how often.  The SmartMeters act like a cell tower on your home.  You can opt out of SmartMeter reporting.  

  • Some people turn electricity totally off at night in the bedroom to get a better night’s sleep.

  • What do invisible EMF’s do to the body, physically?  The voltage gated calcium channels open up with low-level radiation, allowing positive calcium into negatively-charged cells.  This results in massive cellular and DNA damage.  

  • did thousands of studies showing that EMF’s are truly damaging to the body.  EMF’s dehydrate the body, de-structures the water in the body, and decharges the body.  This sets the stage for massive health challenges:  Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, behavioral challenges, ringing in the ear, etc.  These are considered Level 1 Radiation.  Level 2 includes migraines, muscle twitches, nausea, fatigue, rashes, and more.  Beyond this lies cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility and other life-altering and threatening disease.

  • Main protective protocols that everyone can do:

  • When you are not actively using your phone, place it on airplane mode, and/or place it in a faraday bag to greatly reduce radiation within your proximity.

  • Never place laptops on your lap, or any other device.

  • Never use wireless earbuds.  

  • Use earthing and grounding products, and make sure your home’s electricity is grounded 

  • Do not place LED lighting in your home, nor solar energy.  (All solar homes that Justin has tested have excessive dirty electricity present.) The solar stores the electricity in a battery, which causes static, and gives the homeowner the amount of electricity they are requesting, which causes static.

  • Outlets can be rewired and grounded.  Incandescent lighting can be used.

  • Regularly grounding with nature either on grass/earth, or in the water, is important.

  • The newer cell phones channel such high level radiation it can “blow out” EMF meters!  Most of the new phones are 5G.

  • Our bodies are incredible - they are dealing with 50x’s 5G radiation.  

  • Grounding bags, found at, can be placed at the head of your bed and will produce a deeply restful night’s sleep, as they convert the energy of EMFs.  

  • Using these grounding bags in conjunction with each other will ground the home or space thoroughly. These bags can also be used in Teslas to convert the dirty electricity present in the batteries.

  • Mini-grounding bags are for your purses, kids’ backpacks, and to take on the go.

  • Have your electrician put a timer on your electrical panel so that the bedrooms go off at night, and have them ground every outlet in your home.

  • You can also go to the hardware store and buy the same kind of timer that you would use for a Christmas tree, and plug your WiFi router into the timer to have it “go to bed” when you do, and “wake up” when you do.

  • Using grounding bags, eliminating radiation by turning your phone off as much as possible and/or using Faraday bags, while eating healthy, doing breathwork, grounding in nature and exercising are all formidable ways to ensure a healthy and happy life.

  • Certain bloodtypes are more and less sensitive to EMF radiation.  (For example, Rh Negative is less sensitive, AB bloodtypes are more sensitive.)

  • Tune in to your own intuition, and trust your sensations and feelings.

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