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Kate Strakosch

Sexual Health for Men, “Lingam” Wellness: Nurturing the Wand of Power |

Kate Strakosch

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Kate Strakosch

About Kate Strakosch

Kate Strakosch is a nourishment coach who believes in the inner and outer connection of wellness and radiance. She is the owner and founder of Sunshine Kate’s wellness center in New Jersey. 


Kate has a degree in whole-foods based nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Upon graduating, she expanded her education by becoming an esthetician to understand the relationship between skin health and the inner workings of the body. Then, she took a deep dive into the energetic and emotional layers of the body through sacred sexuality, somatic therapy, and empowerment coaching. 


She is a devoted explorer of life and experiences. After graduating high school, she wanted to become a travel agent before studying nutrition. Kate’s curiosity and passion of travel, food and culture have led her to explore Morocco, Spain, Bali, Greece, Italy, Australia, Iceland, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada as well as extensively through the United States.

Eventually she weaved her passions together and has been leading wellness and sensory awakening retreats both domestically in the US and internationally since 2015. 


Kate offers virtual and in-person nourishment sessions around Yoni/Lingam health, intimacy and relationship coaching as well as whole body tools including FLOWpresso, Infrared Sauna, Castor Oil Packs and Yoni/Lingam Steaming within her practice. 


Kate’s certifications include:

  • Nutrition Graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, WA

  • Sex, Love and Relationship Coach 

  • Men’s Sacred Sexuality Coach

  • Erotic Somatic Educator 

  • Certified Yoni Practitioner 

  • Goddess To The Core® Inside Out Workout Core Instructor 

  • Esthetics Training through the Aveda Institute



Her website is  You can follow her work on Instagram @sunshinekates

Resources Mentioned:

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Episode Highlights with Kate Strakosch

  • Lingam is Sanskrit for penis, and translates to “wand of light,” “wand of power,” “wand of vitality.”

  • Ancient African and Eastern (Chinese) traditions use steaming of herbs below the genitalia

  • The only difference between yoni and lingam steaming is that the man will drape a towel over his lingam during the ritual.

  • Lingam steaming is beneficial for prostate health, circulation and lymphatic health.

  • The steam also enters the anus which offers digestive support, pain relief from hip and back pain, and overall pelvic relaxation.

  • Lingam steaming can also be profoundly healing for previous sexual trauma

  • Calendula and yarrow are two wonderful anti-inflammatory herbs to use with steaming or soaking.

  • The prostate is to the man’s body what the cervix is to the woman’s body.

  • In the realm of sexuality, if the man (or woman,) does not feel safe, the parasympathetic nervous system is not activated.

  • Sacred sexuality is not about performance or orgasm, but more about body awareness, experiencing pleasure, and being present.

  • Couples steaming is a wonderful way to connect with your partner, or re-connect, or even honor a separation.

  • Chinese medicine believes in scaling back in ejaculating with orgasm - that vital energy is expelled with ejaculating and can cause a depletion in energy. Some traditional practices advocate for no ejaculation, some advocate only with the moon cycle, and others say just to have fewer ejaculatory orgasms (which is possible with practice.)  Retaining the semen creates a microcosm orbit according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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