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Kenny Lu

BioHack Your Hydration by Mimicking Mother Nature's Process | Kenny Lu

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Kenny Lu

About Kenny Lu

Kenny Lu has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with extensive international experience building businesses in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. He has been heavily involved in marketing, sales, business development, and fundraising. Kenny is fluent in English and Mandarin. He has worked with professional sports, nutraceuticals, beauty products, international business expansions, digital platform development and now Spring Aqua water.

Resources Mentioned:

spring aqua
Hydration Foundation

Hydration Foundation

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Episode Highlights with Kenny Lu

  • Drinking plain water is oftentimes not enough to hydrate the body.  Putting a pinch of Himalayan sea salt into a glass of water, or chia seeds, will enhance the body’s ability to assimilate water.

  • The Incan peoples would harvest their water from the mountains using ceramic tiles.  Spring Aqua Water began studying how different cultures used and created access to water, and what kinds of water.

  • Biomimicry can mimic how Mother Nature filters water naturally.  Spring Aqua Water uses biomimicry to emulate this process.  It takes the water through 14 stages of filtration, similar to how spring water is filtered through the rocks, moss, and other elements of the mountains.

  • Distilled water, and reverse osmosis water are purification methods. Distilled water is perhaps the cleanest form of water, but this also strips the minerals out of the water.  Therefore, distilled water is not particularly good for hydration.  The reverse osmosis method is similar.  These methods are beneficial for very polluted water.

  • Structured water - a slightly more viscous form of water, such as is found in vegetables, fruits, within our skin, fascia, and in the springs in the mountains.

  • Water in its natural structured state is also packed with minerals and gasses such as dissolved hydrogen.

  • If water is in a structured state, the alkalinity of the water is not as important.

  • Green tea is a powerful source of naturally structured water. Green tea structures the water itself, as does adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to a glass of water.

  • If bottled water is the only option, add chia seeds to make it more hydrating. Mountain Valley Spring Water is one option if bottled water is unavoidable. 

  • Adding one teaspoon of chia seeds to a glass or bottle of water will make it more hydrating.

  • There are some products available that will structure water for 30 minutes to a few hours; the machine Spring Aqua Water sells will structure water for months.

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