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The first coronavirus documentary to investigate the origins and cover-up of the pandemic.

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We believe that if bioregulatory medicine had not been censored, it would be the most practiced form of medicine today. We believe the result would be a happier and healthier society of unparalleled well-being. That is why we have a commitment to sharing different viewpoints that are currently being aggressively  censored!


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Description of Above Videos


  1.  David Icke's interview with Brian Rose on London Real aired on 5/3/2020 called "the broadcast they don’t want you to see… the ideas they don’t want you to hear…" Click here!

  2. In this two part series both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Wittkowski are experts on viruses and how to handle the Covid-19 Pandemic with diametrically opposing views. Click here for part one, and click here for part two. 

  3. Robert F Kennedy Jr talks vaccines, Dr Fauci, family history and JFK assassination in this powerful interview with Patrick Bet-David . Click here!

  4. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a natural healing consultant, inventor, expert witness and forensic psychiatrist who has been powerfully outspoken throughout the pandemic in unmasking the truth! Click here!

  5. Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author. In this interview, he shares his views on what is truly happening under the guise of COVID-19. Click here!

  6. Dr. Judy Mikovitz speaks out against the 'Plague of Corruption" in science revealing what she knows about the origin of the aids and coronavirus epidemic. Click here!

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