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Podcast # 11 Detoxifying your pets | Marlene Siegel, DVM

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest Marlene Siegel, DVM

About Marlene Siegel, DVM

Dr. Marlene Siegel is a graduate of the University of Fla College of Veterinary Medicine.  She opened her veterinary practice, Pasco Veterinary Medical Center in 1987.  Her full service medical, surgical, boarding and emergency care facility also offers the most extensive array of alternative services in the country. Her practice offers state of the art diagnostics such as ultrasound, thermography, bioenergetic scans, live blood analysis and digital radiography. 


Holistic services include chiropractic, acupuncture, magnetic resonance, photobiomodulation (low level light therapy), ozone, hyperbaric, herbs, essential oils, homotoxicology, energy therapies and much more.


Dr. Siegel believes “health care” is about preventing dis-ease. Her focus is on identifying and  resolving the root cause of dis-ease through treating the biology, not the symptoms . Dr. Siegel educates her clients that healing begins in the gut.  Disappointed with the lack of quality pet foods, she created her own line of raw food…EvoLove Raw  A S.A.F.E. (species appropriate fundamentally enriching) Pet Food. 


Early in her integrative veterinary career, Dr. Siegel became acutely aware of the need for detoxification of all 6 organs of elimination. Her practice address’s detoxification extensively and has resulted in extraordinary success with her patient outcomes.  Dr. Siegel consults with owners all over the world on health care programs for their pets. It became apparent that there was a need to provide the same types of detoxification services she offers in her office to the world. Keeping congruent with her innovative spirit, Dr. Siegel is filling the need by opening S’Paws Family Wellness Centers. The centers are schedule to launch in 2021 and will provide the services that pets (and their parents) need to support the organs of elimination.


Dr. Siegel is featured in The Truth About Cancer - Pets with Ty Bollinger and she was a keynote speaker at the 2017 The Truth About Cancer Live Event.  She also is featured in Jefferey Smith’s documentary GMO’s in Pet Food Revealed.


Dr. Siegel is a published author, international speaker and is a columnist for multiple magazines.  She has been interviewed on many radio shows (including the Robert Scott Bell Show) and is a sought after speaker for webinars focused on integrated veterinary medicine. 


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In 2010 Dr Siegel co- authored a children's book Demi And The Dolphins A lesson In Ecology (available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble) with her daughter Alyssa.


Who would have ever imagined a worldwide crisis that would bring the WORLD to a halt!

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An Insight

Marlene has a ‘never give up mentality’ - A very difficult dilemma with one of her own pet horses inspired her to look for new answers. After being told that there was essentially nothing left that could be done to save her horse, she had a key realization; Just because they don’t have an answer, doesn’t mean that an answer doesn’t exist. She then made a vow to never tell a client “there’s nothing else that I can do.”  This is a vow she has kept for over 20 years now. 

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM

Episode Highlights with Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM


The current health crisis in the pet world:

  • Over the last several decades, overall health has steadily gotten worse for humans. (Unprecedented increases in diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases)

  • However, for animals, the prevalence of disease has gotten even worse than humans.

    • Cancer rates in dogs have skyrocketed to 1 in every 1.65 dogs (age irrelevant)

    • (Cats 1 in 3)

    • Some dogs are developing cancer as young as two years old

  • Animals have a big problem with heavy metals

  • Almost all the same types of cancers humans can get, animals can get.

  • We need to stop polluting our pets' bodies!

    • Even the tap water, mold, EMF and other environmental toxins affect the health of our pets

  • ANTs in the brain - (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

    • Animals will entrain to the emotions and stressors passed on by their pet parents

6 Steps we can take to detoxify our pets

  • Stop polluting the body in the aforementioned ways; (tap water, mold, EMF and other household toxins such as fabrics and chemicals). 

    • Animals are currently eating processed foods with 40-60% sugar! (This is especially dangerous for cats who are obligate carnivores)

    • We should be giving our pets the same quality water that we drink

  • Give them all the essential nutrients 

    • Animals need: 

      • Basic food source

      • The right vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids

      • Enzymes

    • Animals require different nutrients than humans

      • Carnivores produce vitamin D in their gut (from their food) - not from the sun. 

      • An animal eating another animal that is vitamin D deficient will only continue the cycle of deficiency

    • A grass-fed diet is key 

    • Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is also terrible for animals 

  • Heal the gut - Animals have leaky gut issues (just like humans do) 

    • Heal the leaky gut - Glyphosate (active ingredient in round-up) is one of the biggest causes of inflammation. 

    • Redox signaling molecules 

    • Supplements to heal the gut:

      • Kefir - bone broth - licorice root 

    • The end goal is to restore the cellular integrity of the gut

  • Detoxification (the most important step) -

  • We have six organs of elimination, and so do our pets, the kidney, the colon, the lungs, the liver, the lymphatics, and the skin. 

    • What therapies are available?

      • PEMF Machine (Pulse electro-magnetic frequency) - Puts the pet into a parasympathetic state

      • Salt Booth, ozone, infrared (far and near) sauna 

      • Lymphatic Therapy - uses micro-currents and gases to open up the lymphatic ports where the drainage systems are. The body is then decongested using circular motions to sweep the lymph into the drainage areas

      • Ion foot bath

      • Ozone machine - (explained further in step 5)

    • The mitochondria - we may know this as the powerhouse of the cell. We want to make more mitochondria! Ways to make more mitochondria:

      • Ozone

      • Intermittent fasting 

      • Supplements

      • The mitochondria produce ozone as a byproduct of ATP production

      • It’s a good idea to get an ozone machine for the house

    • The emotional release - 

      • The metaphysical relationship of a specific disease with the trapped emotions that are associated with it

      • There’s always a connection between the pet and the pet parent 

      • Pets model unconditional love better than humans 

      • The goal in the sixth step is to get your pet to let go of these trapped negative emotions

  • What other ways can we protect our pets?

    • Protect from EMF’s

      • Make sure that their bedding is far away from routers

      • You should have an EMF meter

      • You should know what areas of your home have the highest exposure

    • Turn wifi off at night

    • Dental Meridians - huge impact for humans, just as big of an impact for our pets

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