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Podcast # 5 - Children's Health: Defending our Freedoms | Mary Holland, J.D.

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest Mary Holland

About Mary Holland

Mary Holland, J.D., has fought long and hard in the vaccination choice and safety movement. She recently joined Children’s Health Defense (CHD) as their full-time General Counsel while continuing her position as Vice Chair.


In the last fifteen years, she has co-written and edited two books, Vaccine Epidemic and The HPV Vaccine on Trial, and co-founded two non-profits, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and the Center for Personal Rights. In addition, she has published seminal legal articles on critical dimensions of vaccine law and policy: constitutionalityherd immunityliability for injury; and the connection between vaccines and autism.

On behalf of many organizations, she submitted amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, a case about manufacturer liability, and to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Cedillo v. HHS about vaccine-induced autism.


She serves on the advisory boards for Health Choice, the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, and the Otto Specht School and Endeavor 21+, Waldorf communities for children and young adults with learning differences.

Holland has addressed legislators in Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia on vaccine law and policy. She has held briefings on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations, capturing international attention. And she has stood up to some of the fiercest vaccine coercion proponents: Dr. Paul OffitDr. Arthur Caplan and Dr. Peter Hotez.


In addition to her work on vaccine rights, Holland has been an outspoken advocate for human rights generally. While at Harvard-Radcliffe College as a Russian and Soviet Studies major, she spent a semester in Moscow, learning firsthand about human rights violations from dissidents, who were surveilled, censored, harassed, marginalized and criminalized. While a student at Columbia Law School and thereafter, Holland worked with Human Rights First as an attorney and advocate. She remembers when the Soviet Union’s fall seemed all but impossible. But then one fine day in 1991, with the stroke of a pen, the Soviet Union fell.

Holland believes that legal action can and will turn around the catastrophic and unacceptable situation families face today. Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” and Mary Holland agrees:

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Message from Mary Holland

Once I learned about the extreme liability protection that industry and healthcare providers enjoy, and the suppression of accurate science and information about vaccine risks and injury, I understood the need for immediate, radical systemic change. I have been devoted to that change ever since.

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Episode Highlights with Mary Holland, J.D.

  • Joined Children's Health Defense (CHD) with RFK, Jr. originally called World Mercury Project. 

    • CHD has expanded its mission.

    • Three objectives:​1.) Educate 2.) Litigate 3.) Protect

  • Vaccination:

    • Does it live up to the claim that is has saved millions of lives, "safe and effective"?
      • Vaccines in reality may make us more vulnerable to other diseases (See cited study below for DPT)
      • Put's the immune system on high alert
      • There are immune benefits to childhood diseases
      • Injury is not 1:1 million, it is closer to 1:40
      • Does not take in account how each individual will react
    • 1986 the Government put in place the National Vaccine Injury Act:
      • This gives vaccine manufactures full indemnity
      • Claims to be put in a no fault court, which initially sounded fair, yet has not been executed as intended
      • Criteria has been changed making it harder to litigate
      • Huge changes in the vaccine schedule occurred after the 1986 law
      • What once used to be a few doses of vaccines in childhood has expanded to 72 doses of 16 vaccines
        • Prior to 1986 12% children had a chronic condition, current 54% have a chronic condition​
        • 3% have autism, 12% have a developmental disorder, 16% have a cognitive disorder.
        • ---Clearly something is not working!----
        • The vaccine is the gateway product that creates Pharma customers for life
        • The vaccine industry is lucrative on both ends
        • Pediatricians profit. No law to give you the insert.
        • Yes, in 2003 mercury was removed from some vaccines, yet replaced with aluminum
        • Mercury still used in the manufacturing process and in flu vaccines. Aluminum may be equally or more harmful. (see below- Chris Exley)
    • COVID-19 Vaccines​
      • Uses new technology which is an RNA based vaccine. May permanently change our DNA​
      • Moderna has been able to skip the animal trials which have shown poor results in the past
      • The enrollment may be different than the true test sample. may be as few as 40 people
      • At this time, it does not seem that this will be Federally mandated. (Trump has stated it won't be, Harris has stated that she would not take a "Trump" vaccine which gives precedent that we could also refuse)
      • People have a constitutional right to decline unwarranted medical interventions 
      • A 50% effectiveness rate is the threshold for approving these vaccines
      • There seems to be efforts in the direction of mandates. Bill Gates has said that the world will not go back to normal until the world is vaccinated and that we will need a digital certificate to prove status. 
      • We are moving to a digitalized world and the trend is disturbing
        • Become informed. Join CHD and a health freedom group in your state​ and mobilize
    • Some trends in COVID 
      • SIDS deaths down since less , no reporting on this​
        •  The media has become an advertiser to the pharmaceutical companies. News is no longer the news as they are influenced
        • Censorship has been extreme. Article by Mark Blaxill censored. See below
    • Current Litigation​
      • The University of California has mandated a flu vaccine with the rationale that a flu illness could take away a bed for someone with COVID. The science is showing that the flu vaccine may make people more prone to COVID​
      • There is current litigation in NY which is under appeal that will be decided soon. (Updates below)
      • Federal case in which children in NY have had medical exemptions being refused by schools in which principals have overreached. 
      • Current lawsuit against Facebook. They are citing the Communications Decency Act, and are using "Fact Checkers" and are colluding with the CDC which is impairing free speech. Mark Zuckerberg is heavily invested in vaccine and 5G technologies
    • 5G​- New Program - Wireless Harms
      • Multiple health problems identified
      • Less restrictions for placement of cell receptors - next to school buildings. Sued FCC that the regulations in place since 1996 are inadequate as they only look at thermal effects
    • Glyphosate - a recent lawsuit in California was in favor of the plantiff
      • Mutagenic - alters the DNA
      • Known as Roundup  and being used throughout our food supply
      • Important to eat organic
    • Advice - Look skeptically at flu vaccines, COVID vaccines, join CHD, local groups, meet your legislature​
      • Take care of your own immunity with fresh air, vitamin D, Vitamin C​
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