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Michael Fessler

Remaining in Flow - Why Lymph is Key to Optimal Health | Michael Fessler

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Michael Fessler

About Michael Fessler


Michael has an extensive background in science and engineering with a focus on creating healthy manufacturing and work areas. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Long Beach State University. While studying at San Diego State University, he participated in a marine study of sea urchins as a food source with the National Science Foundation that has been added to the collections of the Library of Congress. He worked in his family’s industrial chemical company in sales, engineering and management positions after college, where he developed custom chemical formulations and detoxification procedures. Concern with the environmental impact of toxic materials in the workplace led him to start a contracting business that specialized in detoxifying both commercial and residential properties. His firm also handled remodeling projects for persons with chemical sensitivities. Following a move to the Pacific Northwest, his background has proven invaluable in developing safe manufacturing processes and pure ingredient formulas for Herbalix Restoratives body, hair and skin care products.

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Episode Highlights with Michael Fessler

  • Antiperspirants affect the portal of the lymphatic system in the underarm.  They are also loaded with aluminum, as are breakfast cereals, due to the way the grain is processed.  

  • Herbalix has produced a product in their nighttime deodorant that can drain the toxins in the breast via the underarm.

  • Herbalix offers daytime deodorant that are free of any contaminants

  • Oftentimes headaches can be the result of heavy metal buildup and being unable to detox effectively.

  • Earrings can contribute to the overall heavy metal load, especially when the body is acidic.  If you wear earrings, take a break and don’t wear them overnight.

  • Thermography can be used to see where something is blocked in the body.  

  • The teeth are used as biomarkers, and can signal which part of the body is blocked.

  • Heeling Soles is a product that was developed to drain the feet.  Oftentimes the feet are not draining or detoxing, which builds up within the inner knee, and up the thigh.

  • 250 lymph nodes are located in the abdomen. The product Belly Fat Freedom encourages proper liver metabolization and detoxification.

  • If a person has a calloused dry foot, and not enough zinc, they will not be detoxing heavy metals.

  • Ammonia is involved in both breast cancer and covid.  Zinc is the one compound that absorbs ammonia. When zinc levels are low, it allows cadmium to come in.  Cadmium must be removed by sweat.

  • Heat is needed to help the body and breasts pump out the toxins.  Breast tissue needs a lot of heat such as infrared sauna, to eliminate properly.

  • When beginning a detox regimen, it is important to not go too hard, too fast.  If your elimination pathways are not fully open, detoxing can be unnecessarily difficult.

  • For men, oftentimes prostate issues are a result from feet that are not draining effectively.

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