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Podcast # 14 - Mastering the Art of Sitting at your Computer | Dr. Mitchell Kershner

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Mitchell Kershner

About Dr. Mitchell Kershner

Dr. Mitchell Kershner, a Naturopathic Physician, has been in the health field since 1987. He started his studies in the field of nutrition.

Mitchell received a doctorate degree from the Naturopathic College in Portland Oregon in 1996. Dr. Kershner was in private practice in Northern New Mexico for 10 years.


In 2010 attended culinary school in Ft Lauderdale and received a diploma in Culinary Arts. In July 2013 started a business: Healthy Chef Doctor LLC, which is dedicated to health education via guest lecturing - nutrition/food/lifestyle education and author.  Presently just relaunched brand as Dr. Mitchell Kershner ND and having just completed a second published book - "Working from Home, Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer, Preventing Computer-Related Injuries".   First self published book -   Sugar is Not the Enemy,  Sugar does not cause obesity or diabetes


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My Message...

My core belief comes from the definition of Natropathic Medicine which is in essence "the bridge between the Wisdom of Nature and the Knowledge of Science."

Dr. Mitchell Kershner

Episode Highlights with Dr. Mitchell Kershner

Dr. Mitchelll Kershner author "Working from Home, Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer, Preventing Computer-Related Injuries." First self published book - Sugar is Not the Enemy,  Sugar does not cause obesity or diabetes.

With more people than ever working from home, how do we combat the injuries of sitting at a desk?

  • Our bodies function better with movement. (Kids spend 8 plus hours a day in front of a keyboard.)

  • Helpful to get an ergonomic anatomic keyboard

    • Ergonomic - designed to help the body function in its natural state​

  • Tip 20/20/20 rule every 20 mins stand up for 20 seconds and stare 20 feet  away

    • 20 ft is optimal to allow the eye to relax optic muscles most relaxed at 20ft. 20/20 vision (interesting that this is happening in the year 2020)

  • Try not to place your computer against a wall. Better if where you can look out.

  • Best to have a stand-up, sit-down desk. Stand for 20 mins, sit for 20mins. Helps move the lymph

  • Helpful to exercise in between, yet we still need to mix it up through movement. (roll the shoulders)

  • Best to have a mesh chair with a headrest at the cervical area.

  • Armrests should allow your shoulders to be at a resting state.

    • Hands should reach the desk at a 90 degree angle.

    • Lower limbs, put feet up on a foot rest / get a foot roller.

      • There are exercises you can do at your desk as this will become worse over the years. (in book below)

  • Helpful to see chiropractor and massage therapist

  • Need to reduce EMF fields

    • We are electro-chemical beings

    • Reduce the amount of devices that are directly around you

  • Blue light exposure is starting to be studied and the effects on human beings.

    • UVA/UVB light similar to sun on spectrum having an effect on eyes, skin and sleep/wake cycle plus snacking

    • Have natural light come into the room. Have shades if too bright.

    • Avoid fluorescent light and use a full spectrum bulb

  • Emotional aspects of being at the computer

    • When our body is effected, it affects the mind, when our mind is effected, it effects the body

    • Can use Zoom yet still NOT the same.

      • Try to increase human connection. Can meet on the beach if the need to social distance.

      • Get out if you can

      • Can meet on the beach if the need to social distance

      • Our hormones are more responsive with true interaction versus over a computer monitor

        • Hormones dictate emotions, so we need to figure out ways to help improve (anti-aging happens from the inside.)

        • Smiling can help emotions, practice smiling! 

        • Try a smiling meditation – last weeks episode (see below)

  • Hydration - make sure to consume fluids while working (can also help reduce the effects of radiation) 

  • Take deep breaths (lowers the pH and decreases acidity)

  • Careful with snack. Try to eat healthy and portion size.

  • Focus on Ergonomics

    • Have monitor at eye level (Head weighs 10-12 lbs)

    • Stand up, sit down and practice the 20/20/20 rule

Switching gears to your prior book, Sugar is Not the Enemy,  Sugar does not cause obesity or diabetes.

  • Diabetes emerged 50 years ago

    • Microwave ovens, fast foods, convenient foods, processed foods also emerged at that time

    • 3M, Dupont, Monsanto are  3 chemical companies in charge of a large part our food supply

  • Sugar: The average person consumes 26-30 spoonful’s per day. 77-80 lbs. per person yearly.

    • Most through liquids, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks

    • 74% of store bough items have sugar in them

    • Sugar has 60 different names.

      • Contact Dr. Kershner for his 9 day 9 step sugar detox problem

        • Sugar can be very addictive, yet as you decrease cravings can be broken

        • Pure sugar can change the calibration of taste buds

          • To decrease soda cravings buy soda water and fruit juice and titrate to taste- allows you the control

            • Can of soda = 9 teaspoons of sugar

            • Juice box + 4 teaspoons of sugar

    • A spoonful of sugar will not cause a problem, it is the concentration in excess

      • Sugar cane in itself is not bad, they process out the benefits

    • Great alternatives: succinat, coconut palm sugar, monkfruit

      • Flavor similar, sugar becomes way to sweet

    • Sugar substitutes: avoid at all costs!

    • Research is terrible- lots of research as to their health detriments

  • Diabetes – link to heavy metal toxicity

  • The triad: the body, the mind, and your spirit everything we do affects all 3

    • Stretch every morning, keep our range of motion and flexibility

  • Buy organic as much as possible (avoiding pesticides as this all has a cumulative effect) Harder to eat organic when out

  • Yoga in the morning

    • Book has exercises for neck, back, legs,

    • Dance at lunch break

  • Leaving message

    • Sitting is the new smoking!

Links & Resources Mentioned

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Mentioned in episode: 3 minute smiling mediation, Click here for episode.

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