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The Power of Tango!

Tango! Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD writes of physicians embracing it as a therapy for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to phobias.

A review, published in BMC Neurology, discusses how the Argentine Tango can improve an individual’s spatial awareness and memory - due to the postures and simple paths learnt during the dance classes. These are then stored, remembered and used again (but it is also important for individuals to improvise and respond spontaneously to the music).

In honor of this unique art form, BRMI is proud to be a sponsor of the Louisville Tango Festival, a world-class event which brings Buenos Aires to the heart of the US - in the same city that has been host to both #BRMI2017 and #BRMI2018. So pull out those dance shoes - we await you on the dance floor!


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