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Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing

Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing

Book Review by Melissa Wuske

Chelsea Green Publishing

(Nov 2, 2018)

Softcover $20.00 (240pp) 978-1-60358-821-8 Bioregulatory Medicine turns the American healthcare system on its head for the benefit of individuals’ health.

For all that Americans spend on health care, the nation is decidedly unhealthy, especially when compared to other developed nations, plagued by chronic and degenerative illnesses and clinging to ineffective allopathic remedies like medications and surgeries. This book provides another way that's been proven to work in other nations. Bioregulatory medicine is a patient-focused approach that acknowledges the individuality of each person and the body’s ability to heal itself when systems are in balance.

Topical chapters highlight the powers of the body, the detrimental factors that harm health, and the wide array of philosophies, treatment modalities, and therapies available. While far from antagonistic to the American medical establishment, the book takes aim at what’s not working and broadens the understanding of the many ways health can work. The result is solutions that are positive, proactive, and backed by sound science and reason.

The book addresses popular topics in the health and wellness realm—such as detoxification, diet, and mindfulness—but with deeper authority. The approach is well researched, not haphazard or based on the latest trend, and it also includes less in vogue topics like the surprising impacts of oral and digestive health. By eschewing hype and verbosity in favor of calm reason, the book builds credibility and increases its appeal for healthcare practitioners and motivated patients.

The authors bring a multifaceted wealth of experience and expertise that equips people with the background knowledge and practical understanding to change the way they think and reap the rewards. The array of authors makes the book a complete tapestry rather than a single thread. The wisdom of the book is applicable to many medical issues.

Bioregulatory Medicine puts the patient’s needs and benefit back at the heart of health care.

MELISSA WUSKE (November/December 2018)

Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review. The author of this book provided free copies of the book to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. No fee was paid by the author for this review. Foreword Reviews only recommends books that we love. Foreword Magazine, Inc. is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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