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24 Hour News Cycles: Is Your Mind at Risk? Homotoxicology and Conditions of Mind Control

Mary Coyle, DIHom

Mainstream media’s chronic and controlled 24/7 bombardment of fear and uncertainty is relentless. The latest recurrent headline primarily focuses on the Sars-CoV-2 vaccines - how they save lives, create herd immunity, and that the sooner we roll up our sleeve and get the jab, the sooner we can all return to normal. And along with this message, comes a stern warning that those who do not fall into line will be met with the looming threat of pay cuts, or even worse, job loss. Their children cannot attend school. Social events such as dining indoors, along with attending a concert or sporting event, would no longer be available to them. The squeeze is on, and it’s intense. So how do we handle the pressure and manipulation experienced daily by our news channels, and then further expounded by our friends and family, without it completely breaking us?

Keeping our brains in good working order is the first line of defense. It’s well-documented that chronic stress and high levels of cortisol create long-lasting brain changes. Neuroscientist, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor, and author of “Healthy Brain Happy Life” studies how long-term memory, creativity, and anxiety affect our brains. In her interview with Forbes, she mentions that brain plasticity translates into one simple thing – what you experience, changes your brain. So happy thoughts will make for a stronger brain- while chronic anxiety, such as PTSD, will have a deleterious effect on the brain. And stress over time shrinks the size of the temporal lobe and increases the size of the amygdala. In addition, it reduces the size of the hippocampus, which negatively impacts long-term memory. Since our memories trigger our imagination and creativity, which subsequently formulates our future, this is not an ideal scenario. We need our imagination if we wish to master our destiny. Suzuki goes on to say, “Anxiety is often triggered in science by what we call fear conditioning. We have lots of things that we get conditioned negatively towards. We worry about someone we don’t like. Just the name of that person will bring up negative feelings.” Therefore, just hearing words like “Pandemic,” “Covid,” or “More Lockdowns,” repeated like an echo-chamber on all the news channels, may re-enforce that fear conditioning phenomenon in susceptible viewers.

The second line of defense is becoming aware of the various stages of manipulation. What are the psychological steps that raise a red flag that manipulation is taking place; moving a healthy, logical, creative, mind--free to develop novel and progressive thought-processes, to more of a “group think,” collective consciousness?

From a biologically regulating standpoint, the Table of Homotoxicology explains this step-by-step process of moving from a place of health to a disease state, on the physical level. Developed in the 1930s by German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal from the human body. The severity and length of an illness or disorder is relative to the body’s ability to eliminate them. This, in turn, determines the extent of the damage. Basically, it tells you how sick you’ll get if garbage goes in and doesn’t go out quickly enough. And once it accumulates, what health issues one might likely experience. Dr. Reckeweg was quite purposeful in naming his theory of disease, Homotoxicology.” He categorized six phases and two principles divided by a “biological zone.” The Excretion Principle includes three phases (Inflammation, Reaction, and Deposition) where the body can and does heal itself. The Condensation Principle includes three phases (Impregnation, Degeneration, and Neoplasm) where the body no longer has the ability to heal itself. We can apply the same categorization of six phases to more than just tissues. We can, for example, think about how our mental and emotional states could end up in a state where we can no longer think or feel for ourselves.

Therefore, let’s consider what a similar table might look like when emotional and mental states of well-being transition from one of health and balance, to the complete collapse of the individual through systemic, organized, and controlled pressure. Charity Norman, author of “See You in September,” wrote a story of a young woman lured into a doomsday cult. In the article entitled, “Eight steps to mind control: How cults suck ordinary people in,” Norman tackles the vast complexities of what’s required to gain mental obedience. So, when comparing the two tables: One on a physical level (Table of Homotoxicology), and the other on an emotional/mental level (Norman’s analysis of the conditions of mind control), it’s interesting to see a commonality between the two.


Phase One: Table of Homotoxicology: Excretion – In this phase the body is strong, and healthy – which means it has the capacity to react robustly, and effectively, to remove harmful toxins. This is accomplished through the stool, urine, sweat, and other excretory pathways. Those residing in this phase are considered healthy individuals.

Phase One: Conditions of Mind Control: Identify the Potential Recruit: One might assume that homeless shelters and halfway homes might be a good place to stake out potential recruits. Believe it or not, this is often not the case. The group’s main goal is to fulfill their desired outcomes and don’t want to waste their time and money nursing broken individuals back to health. They often target robust and successful professionals, such as physicians, accountants, contractors, etc. They are scouting-out healthy individuals.


Phase Two: Table of Homotoxicology: Inflammation – This phase is when the body cannot properly eliminate all the toxins in the excretion phase. The reactions take place in the connective tissue. The body mounts an inflammatory, hyperergic reaction, such as a fever, in order to remove the toxin more efficiently. The heat is gradually turned-up

Phase Two: Condition of Mind Control – Persuade the Recruit to Walk into the Web. The recruit is kept unaware of the subtle and insidious process taking place through calculated behavioral modification methods. These gentle nudges are geared towards moving the recruit to accepting a deeper commitment to the leader, and the goals of the agenda. The heat is gradually turned up.


Phase Three: Table of Homotoxicology: Deposition – In this phase, think storage. If the toxins continue to accumulate in the body, they are then deposited into certain organs and systems. Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, vascular disorders are some of the outcomes found in this phase. Cysts may form, walling-off the toxin from the rest of the body.

Phase Three: Condition of Mind Control - Love-Bombing – In this phase, the recruit is showered with praise, affection, and understanding, which naturally makes them feel loved and appreciated. The person doing the love bombing is now considered a friend, who ‘understands and accepts” the recruit on every level. A “cyst” is forming, walling-off the recruit from friends and family.


Phase Four: Table of Homotoxicology: Impregnation – This phase marks the extended accumulation of toxins over time, and penetration of the cells has been initiated. Oxygen and nutrients can no longer properly enter the cells, and carbon dioxide and other cellular debris cannot be adequately removed. Thyroid disorders, diabetes, cardiac insufficiency are a few of the conditions found in this phase. Think of the word “pregnant” when considering this phase.

Condition of Mind Control –Phase Four: Sell, Sell, Sell: In this phase the recruit witnesses almost an over-abundance of happiness and joy from its members. An artificial advertisement that the group is living in their own Nirvana cleverly orchestrated to impregnate and move the recruit inside the group. Think of the word “pregnant” when considering this phase.


Phase Five: Table of Homotoxicology: Degeneration - In this phase, the defense system is incapable of removing intracellular toxins over a long period of time. Irreversible cell damage ensues, along with the degeneration of tissue. Arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cirrhosis, and other chronic health issues are seen here. The degeneration of the cells and tissues.

Phase Five & Six: Tough Love & Renouncing Loved Ones: In the phase of “Tough Love,” the smiles begin to fade, and the recruit’s individual autonomy becomes threatened. Dependency on the leader and the group and strict adherence to the rules are required. Exhausting tasks and rituals may be demanded. Renouncing loved ones will also be expected. Isolating the recruit creates a greater opportunity for compliance and the development of new belief systems. The degeneration of the recruit’s mind and spirit.


Phase Six: Table of Homotoxicology: Neoplasm / Dedifferention - This is the last phase of the organism’s failure to control the accumulation of toxins. Oxidative free radicals create an even further dysfunction of the organs and tissues and the cells lose their form and function. Aberrant cellular growth and alterations of cellular genetics. Cancer of the organism.

Condition of Mind Control – Phase Seven and Eight: The Introduction of Core Beliefs & Zero Tolerance of Criticism: In this phase, the old belief system is replaced by the new one. Sometimes it may take years for the recruit to learn the doctrine of the group, which is another method of keeping them in the game. Zero Tolerance is the final step which entails shaming anyone who dares to question the narrative and shun anyone who leaves the group. Complete and total obedience is required. The recruit lives in a chronic state of fear, giving up all autonomy for the leader. It is essentially an emotional and spiritual cancer of the recruit’s mind and spirit.


The key to Dr. Reckeweg’s work is to create a good flow system that allows our body to become alert to the toxin, creates a reaction that overcomes the toxin, and regains our well-being. And when it comes to relentless fear mongering that is currently in our daily lives, we can mentally begin to lose our “flow” there too. But if we are aware of the steps, we can then take the appropriate actions before the situation has the opportunity to take hold and moves us into those more dangerous latter stages. Just like a runny nose warns us that our system has been infiltrated by a pathogen, being mindful and aware of the stages of mind-manipulation will empower us to stop the madness in its tracks.

Mary Coyle, DIHom



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