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Structured Water: Health Benefits for Plants, Animals, and Humans

by Alix Lopes

narrow stream of water with rocks

I had never heard of structured water until a year ago and was introduced to it for health reasons. It had been suggested that I start drinking structured water to aid in hydration and optimizing cellular healing. Knowing absolutely nothing about structured water I was completely intrigued by this “new” water. How could this water help? How different can water be? I found myself spending hours researching it. This is not new, references to structured water are found in ancient texts and writings, dating back to Aristotle, Plato, and Hippocrates. It was also studied by scientists, such as Louis Pasteur in the 19th century and Dr. Jacques Benveniste in the 20th century. More recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Gerald Pollack have conducted extensive research on structured water and its properties, allowing it new found recognition. (1,2,3,4,5,6)

The simplified technical description of structured water is water that has undergone a process that improves it chemically and physically (molecularly changed to create a hexagonal cluster). Water is made of H2O, while structured water is H302, having three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules. (7) It is believed that this difference in molecules gives structured water a higher vibrational charge. This energized water has numerous health benefits for plants, animals, and humans.

I see structured water as alive. When you think of water running in a river it is twisting and turning, whirling around, it is active and powerful. Water in its natural form has a thicker viscosity. For me, I see it as having immense volume and depth. This active water is actually changed molecularly through its travel, holding water memory. Water in our homes is primarily taking 90 degree turns in smooth pipes and has been through some type of chlorination (if on a public water system) and softener (if well water). Visually when you imagine the two side by side, our home water doesn’t have that vigor of a stream, it has been deadened. Structure water is closest to what water was in its natural form in springs and glaciers, before humans changed it.

It is believed that the health benefits of structured water are improved hydration through easier absorption, detoxification, better digestion, increased energy, better sleep, and a healthier immune system. (8) Personally I noticed an increase in my energy and just an overall better feeling when drinking structured water. When I am drinking filtered water I don’t feel energized.

During my research I came across a documentary which followed organic farmers who installed massive vortexes to create structured water for their growing needs. These farmers were experiencing greater yields than previously. Not only are they experiencing better yield but they are conserving more water. Many farmers today are faced with water restrictions and structured water is a means to aid them.

Being fairly new to growing, I decided to try it in our greenhouse. A friend shared a link to creating your own vortex for your home and I was on my way. I truly thought that my well water was sufficient until I started using the structured water. I built a vortex and installed it inline to the greenhouse. One of the advantages of using structured water is an increased ability to absorb and transport nutrients. (9) Within two days of watering with structured water I noticed a significant difference with the vegetation. The plants seemed to be fuller, taller, greener, and just overall brighter. I couldn’t believe the difference. My plants were definitely reaping the benefits of this water. In my outdoor beds, the plants were struggling with the extreme changes in our weather. I used the structured water with my deep watering methods and again noticed greener and healthier plants. I was amazed how lush my lettuce and swiss chard looked.

This season as I have stated our seedlings indoors, I have decided to use the structured water with agrohomeopathy. My thought in this decision is that since structured water helps in better absorption that it would promote better absorption of the remedy. So far, I am seeing healthier and greener growth and can’t wait to share this year’s progress.


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Link to creating a vortex


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