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Sabrina Solt

Harder, Happier, Healthier - Real Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction  | Dr. Sabrina Solt

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. Sabrina Solt

About Dr. Sabrina Solt


Dr. Sabrina Solt is a naturopathic medical doctor located in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been practicing regenerative and anti-aging medicine since 2013. Over the years, she has mastered various treatment modalities, such as prolotherapy, PRP, adipose and bone marrow derived stem cells, as well as birth tissue biologics such as amniotic allograft and exosomes.


She is known for crafting comprehensive and custom tailored treatment plans for her patients which include things like diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, peptide therapies, and of course regenerative injections.


More recently, she has been focused on helping hundreds of men recover from erectile dysfunction using her signature approach of a combination of functional and regenerative medicine, which is actually healing ED issues at their root cause, liberating men from lifelong reliance on things like viagra and pumps. In her free time, Dr Solt enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two children.

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Episode Highlights with Dr. Sabrina Solt

  • Dr. Solt uses various tools such as functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and naturopathic medicine to help men re-uncover their masculine energy by correcting erectile dysfunction.

  • Harder, Happier, Healthier is the name of Dr. Solt’s new business that focuses solely on men’s sexual health.

  • Roughly 30 million men in the United States deal with ED.  The percentage of the population correlates approximately with the decade of age.  For example, roughly 30% of men in their 30’s deal with ED, 40% of men in their 40’s, etc.

  • There are many potential causes for ED such as trauma, injury, a surgery gone wrong, etc.

  • There are 3 ingredients crucial for healthy erection: adequate hormones, adequate blood flow, and adequate nerve function.

  • Testosterone levels need to be around 300 to achieve and maintain healthy erection.

  • There are certain medications, such as SSRI’s and other antidepressants, that suppress the nervous system so much that you cannot get proper changing between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which is necessary to achieve and maintain healthy erection, and ejaculation.

  • Excess alcohol intake, excess sugar intake, smoking cigarettes, consuming large amounts of seed oil, and having a sedentary lifestyle are huge contributors to decreasing blood flow.

  • ED is a “canary in the coal mine” telling you that something deeper is at play, and needs to be resolved health-wise.  There could be overall cardiovascular health issues as well.

  • ED is not a reflection on the character, or manhood, of a man - it is simply a case of physiology gone temporarily wrong, and can be fixed.

  • Looking at hormone levels is important - but not just testosterone. In addition to testing testosterone, sex-hormone binding globulin is important to test.  As the “bus that drives testosterone around the body,” it is crucial for this to be free-moving and not bound up.  One of the best things that can be done with lifestyle to bring this into balance is increasing protein in the body, and getting to the gym for regular, hard workouts.

  • Resistance training is a great form of exercise for bringing hormones into balance, to build muscle mass.

  • The more muscle mass one has during their younger years sets the body up for success to age gracefully.  

  • “Muscle is medicine!”

  • Building muscle mass in the torso - chest, shoulders, back, - improves posture, and makes one appear taller.

  • Power postures actually increase testosterone and decrease cortisol as well!

  • Thyroiditis post covid-inoculation has been a recent finding.

  • Both covid and the “vaccine” can tank testosterone levels.

  • An erection involves both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. If a man is able to get a morning erection, but suffers ED throughout the rest of the day - emotional/mental underlying causes should be explored.

  • Vasectomies are generally safe, with low-risk of complications.  However, the most common reason for complications resulting in ED is poor after-care, and not following post-op instructions carefully.

  • Nutritionally, protein is crucial for proper men’s health.  Dr. Solt does not advise a lot of raw vegetables.  Instead, men can do lightly steamed or roasted veggies.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from a small volume of the patient’s blood.  This treatment concentrates all the healing properties of the blood, and enables the practitioner to target the area that needs healing.

  • Amniotic allograph comes from donated placental tissue that have protein structures that are more robust than PRP.  Amniotic allograph is anti-inflammatory and more gentle than PRP.

  • Exosomes can be combined with PRP or amniotic allographs, or stem cell therapy.

  • Shockwave therapy (which is painless,) helps with new blood vessel formation.

  • All of the above treatments combined with lifestyle modifications get the tissue and blood flow on track for healthy erections, and even increased size.

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