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Sharon Goldberg

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and Other EMF Related Health Issues |

Dr. Sharon Goldberg

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With Sharon Goldberg, MD

About Sharon Goldberg, MD

Sharon Goldberg, MD is an Integrative Internal Medicine physician based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She is one of a small but growing number of physicians active in the field of clinical electromagnetics (clinical electromagnetics considers the electromagnetic environment as a modifiable risk factor for disease.) In addition to seeing patients for general integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Goldberg is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of EMF Associated Illness, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). She was Course Director for the 2021 Electromagnetic Fields Medical Conference and is an editorial board member of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. Her 2018 invited testimony before the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee on Senate Bill 637, an industry-sponsored 5G wireless infrastructure bill, went viral and has been seen around the globe.

Dr. Goldberg received her MD from Tel-Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine and completed clinical training in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the Alexander von Humboldt Tropical Medicine Institute in Lima, Peru. She is a Diplomate of Integrative and Holistic Medicine since 2012. Her clinical interests include dietary, lifestyle and environmental modification to treat complex chronic disease. Dr. Goldberg has co-authored publications in the fields of dietary supplements, autonomic nervous system assessment, and nutritional epidemiology and is Associate Professor of Medicine, Community Faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Resources Mentioned:

Building Biology Institute
Environmental Health Trust
EMF Medical Conference 2021
Sharon Goldberg Website

Episode Highlights with Sharon Goldberg

  • Environmental Health Trust explains several ways to reduce EMF radiation in your own home.

  • If you want to assess what kinds of radiation you are facing in your daily life, it is crucial to get an EMF meter.  

  • Building Biologists will go into the home and look for EMF radiation such as Wi-Fi, electronics, and dirty electricity. 

  • EMF meters that Dr. Goldberg recommends are on her website under the resources page here.

  • Ways to reduce EMF exposure in your home:

  • If you are willing, the best thing to do is to use a hard-wired internet. This can be done simply.  If that is not an option, then turn off the Wi-Fi modem when not in use.

  • Cell Phone use - using a cell phone in the car increases EMF radiation by about 100 according to meter readings. The same principle applies anytime that radiation is used inside a metal “box” such as an elevator, airplane, or automobile.  Furthermore, when the phone is moving, it is constantly “talking to” the cell towers and emitting more radiation.  Dr. Goldberg recommends turning the phone completely off whenever in the car.  Sometimes turning the phone on airplane mode does not turn off all radiation (although it does reduce it.)

  • Be aware of what is emitting radiation in your house: bluetooth speakers, wireless mouses, anything wireless.  Go through your house and see what you have.  Smart speakers often cannot be turned off. Take inventory of what you have that is emitting microwave radiation.

  • Wearable technology emits a lot of radiation: airpods, FitBits, smart watches, etc. are pulsing microwaves directly into the body.  Airpods are particularly bad, as they are right next to the brain.

  • Newer cars have hotspots built into the cars, and bluetooth cannot even be disabled.  Toyotas allow bluetooth to be disabled.  Be aware of these if you are buying a new car.

  • The safest way to use a cell phone is using the speaker option.  Simply having the phone in your room or house exposes you to radiation.  Cell phones emit powerful radiation.

  • Microwave ovens blast entire homes with radiation. People who consume large amounts of microwaved food have lower white blood cell counts than those who do not.

  • If a home is situated near a power line, there are magnetic fields in and around the entire house. 

  • One source of magnetic fields is a laptop.  Never use a laptop when it is plugged in.  Only use it when it is using its battery to reduce the magnetic field. However, it also needs to be “grounded” to reduce the electro-field it is emitting as well.  This can be purchased quite cheaply, less than $10.

  • Plug-in alarm clocks actually emit fields as well.  You do not want anything plugged in close to your bed. 

  • The vast majority of EMF-sensitive people are toxic from mold and mycotoxins. Treating these issues is a crucial step toward improving resilience to EMF exposure.

  • Wearing amethyst crystals/placing them in a pocket, especially on the left side of the body, may help alleviate symptoms of EMF exposure in some electrosensitive people

  • Pregnant women - keep the cell phones away from your abdomen!

  • There are multiple studies showing that exposing lab rats to the same frequency as Wi-Fi increases incidents of diabetes.

  • When you expose bacteria to microwaves, it puts the bacterium into a stress response. They therefore release more toxins, and create more biofilms, and become more virulent. Microwaves affect positive bacteria like antibiotics. Basically, killing off healthy bacteria, and stressing the microbiome.

  • When bacteria is exposed to radiation, they become more pathogenic.

Additional Videos and Lectures

  1. The introductory talk from EMFC2019 - Neurologic and Cardiometabolic Effects of EMF

EMF Conference 2019 Lecture - Neurologic and Cardiometabolic Effects of EMF (

  • Long introduction to the topic including AC versus DC electricity (why AC is more biologically active), and an overview of the 4 main fields of interest.

  • Metabolic restriction and magnetic fields, the obesity connection (25 min mark)

  • Diabetes and wireless radiation (section begins at the 17 min mark)

  • Effect of microwave exposure differs even in the same patient/same exposure at different times (33 min mark)

  • CNS effects discussion begins at 33 min mark


  1. EMFMC2021 Lecture - Bacterial Effects of EMF

This talk covers the issue of RFR exposure and antibiotic resistance, as well as microbiome effects from RF. Also, a bit on soil effects.

Electromagnetic Fields Medical Conference 2021 (EMFMC2021) - Bacterial Effects of EMF Exposure (

This is the conference that is still available online if people want CME/CE credits and it will likely be extended for an additional year.


  1. 2018 Testimony Michigan House Energy Policy Committee video

Biologic Effects of Wireless Radiation and 5G - Senate Bill 637 Testimony - Sharon Goldberg, MD (

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