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BRMI “State of the Union Address” with Dr. James Odell

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by
Dr. Sharon Stills With James Odell

About James Odell

Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac. is the Executive Director of the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI). He has been practicing bioregulatory medicine in the United States for over two decades.

James graduated with a doctorate in naturopathy in 1980 from US International University (USIU was renamed Alliant International University in 2001 and no longer offers naturopathic medicine studies). After naturopathic college, James completed a three-year post-doctoral program in traditional Chinese medicine at Shantou University Medical College, with medical residencies at Shantou University Teaching Hospital, Shantou Central Hospital, and Shiwan Hospital.


Upon returning from China, he completed several internships in European bioregulatory medicine at the Paracelsus Klinik, Lustmühle, Switzerland. James is certified in acupuncture and a PDA provider with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is licensed in acupuncture in Kentucky, Colorado, South Carolina, and Utah. He is a Certified Tuina Instructor with the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia, and is a Certified Traditional Naturopath with the American Naturopathic Certification Board.


For over 10 years, James was the education coordinator for the Biological Medicine Network, which conducted conferences on the principles and practices of European bioregulatory medicine.


Aside from a busy medical practice in Louisville, James is the owner and CEO of Phytodyne Inc., which is the North American importer and distributor of Ceres Heilmittel AG plant remedies manufactured in Switzerland.

He is also the author of the 700+-page groundbreaking new text entitled Breast Cancer: the Rest of the Story (a reference work 13 years in the making).

Resources Mentioned:

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BRMI News Page

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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Episode Highlights with James Odell

  • 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar.

  • Up until this point, there have been two main polarized narratives - that of the mainstream, and the more “alternative” narrative.  But recently, it seems that the mainstream narrative is becoming slightly more moderate as research emerges showing the dangers of social isolation, masking children, and potential side effects of the vaccine.

  • When Moderna and Pzifer’s products became sanctioned as the only treatment for covid, to the detriment of millions of sufferers around the world.  Other viable therapies were available, which doctors and scientists spoke up about, but the voices of these practitioners were silenced.

  • There are still several countries around the world that require vaccination proof to enter the country - including the United States.  

  • Glutathione, vitamins D & C, and zinc are all mainstays in a healthy immune boosting arsenal. 

  • Regarding shedding - some constitutions may be more susceptible than others in being in close contact with those who have been inoculated. Keeping oneself healthy and cultivating a robust terrain is the best way to protect against negative effects of shedding.

  • Blood transfusions - some hospitals require vaccination in order to receive a blood transfusion.  One workaround is to find a blood bank that will accept your own blood and store it for you.

  • Some blood banks are talking about taking only unvaccinated blood.  (However, this may not be 100% trustworthy.)

  • ADE - Antibody Dependent Enhancement - There were indications that there was a potential that the antibodies from the inoculation wouldn’t be neutralizing, but would turn against the body and create a cytokine storm, or an autoimmune condition.

  • A phenomenon being seen now is that people who have been innoculated have blood clots, yet have low platelet count.  So while ADE is not being seen much, other very concerning things are happening: blood clot disorders, heart attacks, strokes, “Sudden Adult Death” which is up by 40%.

  • Morticians are pulling huge clots out of the deceased.

  • Oncologists are also reporting an increase in strange cancers and an increase in the speed of which tumors are growing.

  • Long haul covid affects numerous organ symptoms and is occurring in both those who have been inoculated, and those who haven’t. Those who get inoculated often have gotten covid multiple times.

  • In order to begin healing long haul covid: work with a healthy diet, reducing acidity and sugar, support the immune system, and detoxify the body with supplements and therapies such as infrared sauna and intermittent fasting.

  • There seems to be a difference from batch-to-batch as far as symptoms and side effects. This phenomenon is called “hot lots.”

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