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Vincent Martinez Podcast

Living In A World Created For A Different Kind of Human: An Insider’s View From the Autism Spectrum | Vincent Martinez

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Vincent Martinez

About Vincent Martinez 

Dr. Sharon Stills interviews a very special and different kind of guest today for the Science of Self-Healing Podcast - her good friend and ex-boyfriend Vincent Martinez.  Vincent was diagnosed five years ago as being on the autism spectrum, and shares a behind-the-scenes look into what life in a neurotypical world is like for an “Aspie”.  As a successful and high-functioning person on the spectrum, Vincent graces our audience with his unique and beautiful perspective on life, relationships, and more, to create more awareness and understanding for those living with Asperger’s and autism.  


My Message
“If you’re an Aspie, you are not a victim. You have a place in the world, and it is your job to find it.”
-Vincent Martinez

Episode Highlights with Vincent Martinez


  • Definition of terms:  “NT” = neurotypical, “Aspie” = someone who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s

  • Vincent shares how his senses are extremely heightened, and he is able to hear, smell, and see things that NT’s are unable to.

  • Aspie’s are deeply creative and contribute much to the world, especially in the realm of technology and advancement

  • Eye contact can make Aspie’s very anxious.  Avoiding eye contact enables an Aspie to listen deeper, and connect better with others.

  • Aspie’s create their own “programs” and “tricks” to cope in a world that is created for another type of human.

  • “CAR” = Canned Aspie Response, when an Aspie will choose canned answers that will satisfy the social expectation of a response to a superficial question that NT’s might normally use as a launching point for connection.

  • “Cassandra Syndrome” - describes when a neurotypical partner is with a neurodiverse partner on the spectrum.  The relationship challenges are very real and difficult.

Links & Resources Mentioned

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For more info on Cassandra Syndrome, click here.
If you think you are in relationship with someone on the spectrum and need support, click here.
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