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Podcast # 32 - Shadow Work, Tapping, and Intention - Treating the Whole Person | Wolfgang A. Haas

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Wolfgang A. Haas

About Wolfgang A. Haas


Wolfgang A. Haas is a global citizen, whose life and career path have been rich and diverse - but always rooted in his love for people.

​He has worked as a Coach, Therapist and Kinesiologist at the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland - as well as the CEO of Paracelsus Clinic and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Biological Medicine Group Ltd.

Wolfgang is familiar with many therapy and coaching modalities - and has himself undergone decades of personal process through Psychoanalysis, shadow work, and in-depth bodywork and spiritual experiences and confrontations.

Wolfgang is known for his intuition, clarity, and multi-level perspective - often leading to profound, transformational change.

​Most recently, Wolfgang is the founder of a new bioregulatory medicine digital platform: Neeruja. 

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Book cover: Think, Feel, Recognize.
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My Message...
Always seek to increase your self-awareness and consciousness to cope and move through the anxiety of these times.
Wolfgang A. Haas

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Episode Highlights with Wolfgang A. Haas

  • “The shadow” can be defined as what one rejects or denies in oneself.  This is often unconscious, but can be seen when one is triggered or upset.  

  • While it is improbable to completely eliminate one’s “shadow,” due to it being unconscious, one can increase self-awareness and consciousness.

  • Tips for doing shadow work:

    • Recognize when “negative” emotions arise, and allow yourself to feel them without going into a story in your mind about it.

    • Remember it is about balance – it is possible to have too much of a good thing, i.e. excessive joy

  • Paracelsus Clinic – practices BioRegulatory medicine in Switzerland – addresses the whole person, and looks for whatever the disturbance is/was in the system.  Offers comprehensive, holistic treatments in one clinic, including holistic dentistry.

    • Common stay for patients is 2-4 weeks, depending on health status

    • Offers hyperthermia treatment to heat the body, which is effective therapy for cancer patients

  • Tapping – tapping on acupressure points on face, hands, head while describing the stress or issue you are having, using words.  This helps the nervous system release blockages and “make room” for the desired result.

    • A profoundly simple, elegant and effective tool for change

    • EFT with Gary Craig is one method

    • Remember: Energy follows intention

  • Neeruja – “Healthy Being Whole” – a digital platform for BioRegulatory Medicine to bring practitioners and users together

  • Always seek to increase your self-awareness and consciousness to cope and move through the anxiety of these times

Links & Resources Mentioned

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Book Cover: Think, Feel, Recognize.
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