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Comprender, optimizar y mantener el terreno biorregulador

BRMI Conference 2018

Louisville, KY; 10-12 de mayo de 2018

#BRMI2018 was a resounding success.
Scenic Louisville as backdrop.
View from the Galt House...
the official hotel of the KY Derby!
Gallup to Glory!
Something for every taste.
Blue Sky policy.
Everyone welcome!
A conference with lots of take-aways
Welcome reception - Top o' the Galt!
Old friends and new.
Kicking off BRMI2018 in style.
Nourishing the biological terrain.
Music and good cheer.
Widening our horizons.
Mix and mingle.
View from the top.
Food for thought.
Providing notes.
BRMI Medical Director James Odell.
A nook for the parasympathetic.
Fascinating lectures!
Safe Air Zone.
In-depth presentations.
BRMI Bookstore
Chance for Q&A
A relaxing corner.
Massage, anyone?
No dirty laundry here.
A revolutionary toothpaste
SMART protocols
Botanical medicines
We're always in your corner.
Food Sensitivity and Zonulin Testing
From Microbiome Labs
Drs standing behind their products.
From Germany - Thymus Therapy!
Mike from Theragem - a Relax Genie!
Revolutionizing insurance!
Bud Tarreto, ND, CNC obo Viotron.
Probiotic bacteriotherapy
Stocking up on free samples.
Our in-house masseuse.
Back to homeostasis
Bringing Hamburg to Louisville.
Join us for Baden-Baden #52!
A chance to mingle.
German-French Society for Thymus
On the same wavelength.
Crystal light therapy
Health Excellence Plus!
Buzz from EnviroMed Sciences.
Jack Kall, Chairman of the IAOMT.
Taking note at BRMI2018.
Kimchi Moyer - Resopathy Institute
Kathy from MEGASporeBiotic
KBMO Diagnostics is in the house!
Brain breaks!
Paging bioregulatory medicine!
Dr. Hennie leads a workshop on play!
There is such a thing as free lunch!
Widening horizons...
And new perspectives.
Combatting toxic burdens.
A bridge between disciplines.
2 days of plenary lectures.
BRMI Advisor Dickson Thom, DDS, ND
Taking it to the big screen.
BRMI Advisor Gerry Curatola, DDS
Intuitive readings
Dr. Marty Monahan demoes the AO Scan
Bon appetit!
Precious gems at BRMI2018.
Roundtable discussions.
Something to smile about
Power in numbers!
Packed a hat for Churchill Downs
Off to the races...
Glamming it up on Millionaires Row!
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