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La medicina bioreguladora nació en parte de las prácticas tradicionales de atención médica de la homeopatía, fitoterapia y medicina natural o prácticas naturopáticas alemanas, austriacas y suizas.

También ha sido muy influenciado por la medicina antroposófica y los sistemas médicos tradicionales como la medicina tradicional china y la medicina ayurvédica.

núcleo filosófico de la medicina bioreguladora se desarrolló a partir de las antiguas obras de los médicos griegos Hipócrates, Teofrasto, Metrodora y Claudio Galeno.


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Early Founders of Bioregulatory Medicine

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A 100-Year Old Forgotten Form of Healing Revived - Dr. Stephen Cabral, ND

El asesor de BRMI, el Dr. Stephen Cabral, ofrece un podcast diario gratuito que educa a los oyentes sobre medicina bioreguladora. Asegúrese de sintonizar The Cabral Concept .

La medicina bioreguladora, como un movimiento de atención médica único e identificable, comenzó principalmente en Alemania a principios del siglo XX. A fines del siglo XIX, los médicos de Alemania, Austria y Suiza ya habían comenzado a incorporar varios métodos de curación natural en sus prácticas médicas. Un gran porcentaje de estos médicos eran homeópatas y promovieron la medicina natural en la tradición de Hipócrates. En 1905, el Dr. Herr F. Bachmann reunió a muchos de estos médicos de ideas afines con la fundación de la Sociedad de Medicina Biológica (Medizinisch-biologische Gesellschaft). Se celebraron convenciones en Hamburgo en 1912 y en Dresde en 1924.

En Alemania y en toda Europa, la Primera Guerra Mundial y la Segunda Guerra Mundial causaron el caos y la destrucción de gran parte del movimiento de la medicina reguladora biológica, en parte porque muchos de los médicos homeópatas de la época eran judíos (muchos de los cuales abandonaron Alemania para América del Norte y del Sur durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial). . No fue sino hasta el final del régimen nacionalsocialista a mediados de la década de 1940 que se desarrolló un nuevo renacimiento en la medicina bioreguladora en Alemania, Austria y Suiza.

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Get to Know The Pioneers of Bioregulatory Medicine


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In the early part of the 20th century, bioregulatory medicine in Europe merged with certain aspects of what has come to be called “energy medicine.” Energy medicine is the practice of medicine using energy, or rather, the flow of energy, as a medium for healing. It is based on the biophysics of the body - whereas conventional allopathic medicine limits itself, for the most part, to biochemistry (and primarily utilizes chemicals - or pharmaceuticals - to treat the body).

Energy medicine takes the perspective that energy is a vital, living, moving force that is integral to our health, wellness, and happiness. In energy medicine, energy is both the medicine and the patient. The body’s energy-field can be viewed as the body's internal and external aura. From a practitioner's point of view, it can be viewed as the actual quantum electrodynamic field that homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles, and hands-on healers are able to affect. From a biochemical perspective, it can be seen as the supra-chemical control system of the body, acting as the master control system for all metabolism and growth.

The body’s energy-field is also autocephalic (able to direct itself). At the quantum level, molecules can be considered as structures in space, which when aligned in certain ways are able to interact with other structures; in other words, the alignment of subatomic "structures" can also stimulate chemical reactions. The body-field, due to its structure, is actually responsible for directing the electronic structure of molecules within your body and, consequently, it not only serves as a control for information transfer, but it also influences all chemical reactions. Hence, the body-field can be seen as the master control system for all physiological processes.

A complete system of energy medicine has been outlined and described in detail in the ancient texts of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, energy medicine has developed into “bioenergetic medicine,” which explores the application of physics to the study of life. According to the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare, bioenergetic medicine can be broken down into the following groups:


Another valuable organization involved in energy medicine is the non-profit International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

In the 1930s, French acupuncturists began experimenting with the electrical properties of skin and discovered that acupuncture points are more electrically conductive than the surrounding tissue. Acupuncture and the energetic anatomy of meridians as described by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) were already a part of many bioregulatory medicine practices. In the early 1950s, this research was further expanded by the German physician Reinhold Voll, who, together with the engineer Fritz Werner, examined the measurability of "energetic disturbances" in the human body. Voll and Werner used this research to collaborate in the design and development of a measurement device called the Dermatron. This diagnostic technique became known as electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV), and later, electrodermal diagnostic techniques became known as electrodermal screening (EDS).

Voll then began a lifelong search to identify correlations between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points. He thought that if he could identify electrical changes in certain acupuncture points associated with certain diseases, then he might be able to identify those diseases more easily, or earlier, when treatment intervention was likely to be more effective. Voll was successful in identifying many acupuncture points related to specific conditions and published a great deal of information about using acupuncture points diagnostically. In short, Voll discovered that the skin’s energetic characteristics were reflective of the health or condition of the organ or body system associated with each acupuncture point. In EDS, galvanic resistance measurements are used in the diagnosis of conditions, as well as information on the compatibility or applicability of biological medicaments and homeopathic remedies. 

Because Voll’s EAV testing was complicated and time consuming to perform, there developed newer systems that were more simplified and clinically practical. During the 1970s, another German practitioner, Dr. Helmut Schimmel, discovered a way to improve and simplify EAV. Instead of using many acupuncture points for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, he found that he could successfully detect information through a single point, provided that he inserted selected diagnostic test vials into an electronic circuit involving the patient and the tester. This method became known as the Vegatest and the test vials were called filters. (The term Vega is taken from the trade name of the manufacturers of Schimmel’s original electronic equipment.) Schimmel preferred to call his method “the autonomous reflex test” (ART) or “the vegetative reflex test” (VRT).

Computerized electro-dermal screening (CEDS) is based on the same biofeedback principle as EDS, whereas changes in acupuncture point electrical characteristics are monitored to gain information about an individual’s energetic condition. CEDS differs in that digital test ampoules stored on a computer are used (as opposed to physical test ampoules) to perform a screening.

There are now dozens of companies manufacturing newer generations of electrodermal screening devices. Some newer notable EDS devices are manufactured by Vega, Holimed, Biotron, G-Tech, and ZYTO Corporation. This is not a complete list. For a description of many bioenergy devices and systems on the market today refer to the website

The field of bioenergy devices is scientifically controversial and much of the exploration and engineering development of this area of physics has been politically hindered in many countries. No EDS or bioresonance devices are FDA-approved for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Additionally, there are Canadian and U.S. government restrictions prohibiting the sale and importation of many bioenergy devices. In spite of these government restrictions, the field of Energy Medicine and Bioenergetic Medicine, with its numerous diagnostic and therapeutic devices and techniques, has greatly expanded since the 1970s.


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Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. on Resopathy

Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. on Resopathy

Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. on Resopathy
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#BRMI2017: Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. – Resopathy: Conversing with the Body’s Intelligence

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#BRMI2017: Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. - Resopathy: Navigating the Biological Terrain

#BRMI2017: Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac. - Resopathy: Navigating the Biological Terrain

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