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New Organ classified in the Human Body - Medical News | Kenhub
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New Organ classified in the Human Body - Medical News | Kenhub

Medical news: the mesentery has been officially classified as a new organ in the digestive system. Learn about the anatomy, location and function of the mesentery in our free article: Oh, are you struggling with learning anatomy? We created the ★ Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide ★ to help you kick some gluteus maximus in any topic. Completely free. Download yours today: The digestive system has a new family member - the mesentery. It has been there in the human body for thousands of years, but always thought to be something else. After years of work, researchers have officially classified the mesentery as another organ of the digestive system. Until recently the mesentery was considered to be made up of several fragmented structures, but thanks to the latest research we can now say that "we have an organ in the body which hasn't been acknowledged yet." Mesenteries are folds of membranes that attach the intestine to the abdominal wall and hold it in place. They are continuations of the visceral and parietal part of the peritoneum with the serous membranes adhered back to back. This decreases the friction between the adjacent visceral surfaces and allows some movement of the organs that occur during digestion. In this video we will give you the latest news around the mesentery, its relevance and a short explanation of its anatomy and function of the mesentery in the gastrointestinal system. Want to test your knowledge on the mesentery? Take this quiz: Read more about the anatomy of the mesentery to understand the background behind these news with our free article on For more engaging video tutorials, interactive quizzes, articles and an atlas of Human anatomy and histology, go to Attributions ============================= Irish surgeon identifies emerging area of medical science
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