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Thérapie au Thymus
History of Thymus Therapy and Dr. Sandberg | Infusio

History of Thymus Therapy and Dr. Sandberg | Infusio Call 888.605.6579 Infusio founder Philip Battiade reveals the history of thymus therapy and the advances that have been made in treating this vital gland for better health. They thyroid and parathyroid glands play an important role in overall health and the hormones that play a part of everyday life and wellness. Today, Infusio provides effective thymus therapy for patients dealing with a wide variety of conditions. Countless patients have been able to receive effective integrative treatment from Infusio in order to deal with numerous health needs. By combining both modern medicine and proven ancient remedies, Infusio's 5 Steps to Health can help overcome conditions that other forms of medicine cannot stop. Call 888.605.6579 to get in touch with Infusio today! Our Beverly Hills, California location address is: 435 N Bedford Dr Suite 408 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Here are our "5 Steps To Health": Immune Modulation Substitution Detoxification Disease-Specific Treatment Mind-Body Medicine For more on this please visit this page: You may follow us on Twitter at: You may follow us on Facebook at: See more about us on Yelp here: Our Instagram page is here: You also may follow us on Pinterest here: Thank you.
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