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The original Chemopherese® concept particularly revolved around eliminating toxins, i.e. chemicals such as pesticides and organic solvents, as well as heavy me- tals. INUSpherese® then enhanced this by also removing pathological proteins and immune complexes, metabolic waste, infection toxins, allergens, and inflammatory messengers. Blood-plasma purification, also known as plasmapheresis (from the Greek apherein = to separate), helps the body eliminate harmful proteins and metabolic products (e.g. cholesterol, etc.) or other toxic loads (paraproteins, circulating immune complexes, complex infection toxins, pathoproteins, haptens) and restore dysregulated metabolisms and inflammatory cascades/ the immune system to their natural equilibrium (metabolic/immunomodulation), re-activating the body’s self-healing powers.


Blood is taken and restored via the arm veins using special cannulas. Treatment takes approx. two hours, and is performed by the Alpstein Clinic’s specially trained and qualified medical staff and assistants. There are three different types of filters, whose efficacy has been proven in clinical studies. The process is considered very effective with a high degree of tolerance.

The principle of the INUSpheresis® is shown in the next figure.

Innovative Approaches in Diagnosing and Cleansing of Environmental Toxicity

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Environmental Toxicity

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INUSpheresis is a new innovation, let us know of any articles you find. We will post them here!

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