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BRMI Submissions

BRMI strives to publish and disseminate information that remains true to the tenets of bioregulatory medicine. Our purpose is to promote the practice and profession of bioregulatory medicine and support all healthcare providers that employ bioregulatory diagnostics and therapeutics, regardless of medical background or discipline.
Our guiding philosophy includes a dedication to publishing original work that maintains the integrity, honesty, and spirit of various bioregulatory medicine practices with the purpose of bringing the sick to health. 
Bioregulatory medicine includes traditional medicines such as traditional Asian medicines (TCM, Tibetan, Kampo), Ayurvedic medicine, Persian Medicine, as well Homeopathic Medicine and Homotoxicology, Anthroposophical Medicine, Energy Medicine, and bioregulatory-related science articles.

may include:

  • Feature articles

  • Case studies

  • Book reviews

  • Letters to the editor

  • Interviews

  • History

  • Biographies

  • Philosophy

  • Research

  • Community events, seminars

  • Obituaries

Submissions must informational and be non-commercial.

  • Email your submission to

  • Keep the formatting simple.

  • Send your submission in an easily recognizable format, e.g. Microsoft Word, Pages, or RTF (Rich Text Format).

  • Send high-def versions of all images (photos, charts, other graphics) as separate files. (Inserting images into Word degrades their quality.)

  • Submission of any text and/or image implies either (a) you are its creator, or, (b) where you are not its creator, you have given proper attribution, and, in the case of copyrighted material, you have written permission from the creator to use said material.

  • While we do reserve the right to edit your submission, we rely on the assumption that you have fact-checked your submission in its entirety. Authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of quotations, references and data submitted.

  • We do not notify in advance of publication. We shall strive to contact you, however, upon publication.

  • Should we publish your submission, we shall publish your name/correspondence information as it is known to us. Should you have any preferences as to how this information appears, please specify with your submission.

  • Include your bio.

• First, get written permission from your client. Anonymize names and remove identifying details;
​• Summary of client’s description of their symptoms (does not have to be a full verbatim account, just the main points);
• A summary of the focus of the case or article is helpful, whether as an introduction or a conclusion;
• Your analysis of the symptoms,
diagnostics, and therapies considered and why;
• Your reasoning for a therapy or remedy selection and any specifics on dosage and duration of therapy so that it is very clear to the reader;
• Follow-ups for at least one year for chronic cases - include any changes of treatment;

• Please include a written release from the patient (or the parent of a minor patient) and change identifying information as necessary.

Truth-in-Referencing Requirements

1. Do all references listed directly support the statements and assertions of your article?

2. Is the conclusion or summary statement of any reference in opposition to your premise?

3. If any reference summary does not support your article’s premise, the reference opposing statement must be presented in the text of the paper with full description of the opposing viewpoint. Otherwise, the reference may not be cited.

4. All author statements must be referenced. Otherwise, the statement that this is the author’s opinion must be made.

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