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The natural world has changed dramatically over the past  hundred years. We have gained ease of travel, technologies, and conveniences of modern living.

What we have lost is clean water, air, wholesome food. Meanwhile, our convenient world is increasingly more toxic, and more difficult to navigate.

Environmental factors play an impactful and often unseeen role on our ability to self-regulate and detoxify. This section is to both illuminate the problems we are facing and to offer bioregulatory perspective and tools to lessen their impact on our lives and vitality. 

We live in an

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increasingly toxic


We also live in an increasingly
unstable world...

There are many aspects of our lives becoming more insecure with the decreased value of our dollar, interruptions in food supply, and impacts on our health through toxicity. Below are resources to increase our ability to improve ourselves, our communities, and our world. 

More Resources...

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