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In honor of Heidi, who left this realm in January of 2020, we have created the ‘BRMI Heidi Sullivan Award."

It is difficult to describe Heidi to those who did not know her. She possessed every possible skill that we needed to launch BRMI.

She could edit, write, translate (she could speak several languages). As a lawyer she guided us. As a website developer she created our website, As a videographer, she filmed much of our content.

As talented as Heidi was, she was even a greater person. She was brilliant and humble, she was sophisticated and down to earth, she was highly educated yet kept the complex simple, she embodied a smile and a way that could smooth out the wrinkles of the universe.

She is missed by everyone who had the privilege to know her. 

One of Heidi Sullivan’s greatest gifts was to bring ideas and experiences to life. To remember Heidi, and continue her legacy, we have enlisted Jennifer Margulis. Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., is an award-winning science journalist, Fulbright grantee, and sought-after speaker.


Jennifer is here to facilitate those who need some support to express a story or communicate important information. This award provides the mentorship and assistance necessary to bring to life experiences and knowledge that otherwise would be left untold and unshared.

If you would like to apply for the opportunity to work with Jennifer, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you have something already written, please submit your piece to with the subject ‘Heidi Sullivan Award Application.'

  • If you do not have anything formally written, please briefly write the idea that you would like assistance with to with the subject ‘Heidi Sullivan Award Application.’


  • Be advised that the editing process is up to the full discretion of Jennifer, including substantial editing, which may involve the cutting of a lot of words, adding subheadings, and shortening sentences.


  • Jennifer will require your submission in a Word document (saved as a .docx).

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