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What's included?


  • 6 nights at the Atlantic Parkhotel (evening of October 30 to morning of November 5)

  • All meals (except for free days allowing you to explore Medicine Week at your leisure). (Beverages not included.)

  • Soothing relaxation: one visit to Caracalla Therme and one visit to Friedrichsbad

  • Certificate Dinner at the 12th-century Schloss Neuweier Castle

  • Visit to the Hallwang Clinic in the Black Forest

  • Private, by-invitation-only visit to the medical lab of Mr. Dieter Jossner - well-known for its laser and photon therapy devices

  • Tour transportation costs and tips from October 31 to November 5

  • Entrance fee to Medicine Week

  • All tour lectures

What's NOT included?
  • Airfare, airport departure taxes, travel insurance

  • Transportation from airport to hotel on your day of arrival

  • Beverages

  • Gifts, souvenirs, items of a personal nature

  • Casino entrance fee

  • Anything not specifically mentioned in the program

Tour Pricing
  • $4000 per person (double occupancy) (please add $150 to all pricing for single occupancy; limited availability)


A non-refundable $250 deposit is required to guarantee your reservation.

Remaining balance due August 15. 

Meet Your BRMI Hosts
Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac.
Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD
Frequently Asked Questions

October is often cold, and there may or may not be snow. A warm jacket is strongly recommended, though it may not be necessary on all days. Inside the building, the seminar rooms are typically quite warm; layers are optimal.

Dress for winter weather (bring layers). Bring one formal dress or suit for the Certificate Presentation Dinner. Black tie attire if you plan to attend the world-famous Casino.


Dinners are generally included, and lunches are included if there is travel by bus. (Breakfast is provided by the hotel.) Check the itinerary - we've included free days to allow you to browse around Medicine Week at your own pace (on these days, meals are not included). Beverages are not included; waiters will take your drink orders and you'll settle your beverage bills directly. As Baden-Baden is a beautiful, historic town, on free days, many guests opt to explore the local restaurants on their own. Tipping in Germany is optional; however, no tip means you are dissatisfied with the service. Most Germans round up the bill, or add a little more for good service. 

Special Diet

We will do our best to accommodate food restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, food allergies, etc.). Please let us know what needs to be communicated with the chefs. German food overall is of higher quality than average American food, though the vegetable selection is often somewhat more limited.

Shared Rooms

All pricing is based on double occupancy. We will do our best to match you with the most compatible roommate. If you require a single room, please let us know right away, as there is limited availability.

Plus Ones

Yes, you can bring a partner or family member - however they do need to pay for their food, transportation, extra room charge, etc. Please give us a call first, to make sure we have the space.

Business Cards /Stamp

It's a good idea to carry a stack of business cards or a self-inking rubber stamp with your name and address on it. As you walk around Medicine Week, different companies will likely offer you samples of their products. It's easier for the company (so they don't misread your handwriting) and will spare you the repeated task, providing you more time for taking in all that Medicine Week has to offer.


Most visitors opt to fly to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA); you could also fly to Zürich, Switzerland (ZRH), and take the train to Baden-Baden. On November 5, we will arrange for a shuttle to take visitors back to Frankfurt Airport.

Arriving Early/
Leaving Later

You're, of course, free to extend your stay - just be sure to confirm directly with the hotel that they have a room reserved for you for the extra days. You will need to pay them directly. Your tour begins Tuesday October 30 at 6pm, and runs through lunch on Monday November 5.

Travel documents

U.S. citizens do not need a visa traveling from the
U.S. to Europe, but please make sure your passport
is up-to-date! 

Cash is King

Some German companies do not accept credit cards. Bring extra cash if you plan to purchase remedies or equipment to bring home with you.

No vaccinations are required to enter Germany or Switzerland.


Whereas the US uses 110 volts, Europe uses 220; in Germany, power sockets are type F. Make sure you have an adapter (adapting your 2- and 3-prong devices to type F) and a converter (converting from 110 to 220V) for all your appliances.

The naked truth?

When in Rome... Our tour includes a visit to both spas for which Baden-Baden is known. Bathingsuits can be worn at Caracalla, but Friedrichsbad is the full-on, scrub-down experience. More info here

I don't speak Deutsch

Whereas most of the lectures at Medizinische Woche are in German, the lectures included on our tour are all in English. When exploring on your own, never fear: Baden-Baden is a friendly town, and most of the locals and most of the Exhibitors at Medicine Week speak English. However, a few basic greetings are 
always appreciated, 

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