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Understanding our Meridians as the Internet of Our Body | Dr. Bernard Straile

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Dr. Bernard Straile

About Dr. Bernard Straile


My name is Bernard Straile. I grew up in post WW II West-Germany, during the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’, the miraculous economy, which was booming during the sixties as Germany rebuild itself from the ruins.

A lot of my childhood was spend working with my parents. Building a house, tending a large garden, cooking and doing extra jobs for other people for extra money. Oh, and of course, church was the foundation of the spirituality of life.

In school I had a gift for Math, failed French, did better in English than in German. My studies took me through an array of programs: from Electronics engineering, to Math and Physics and finally a degree in Psychology.

Two main events motivated me as a youngster to come and explore the United States: First and foremost: the Apollo program and putting a man on the moon. Second, the movie Easy Rider.

I kept returning to the US. Here my diverse interests brought me from Flight Instructor for Fixed Wing aircraft to finally Chiropractic. Chiropractic always fascinated me because of its effectiveness for back pain, which I experienced myself, and its drug free philosophy. Working on thousands of patients allowed me to observe and realize that recurrent pain in the back is always related to inflammation in organs elsewhere. Most commonly inflammation shows as allergies. I still see patients in a holistic context at the Total Wellness Center in Camillus, NY.

Once resolving inflammation became the real challenge to end pain, I learned that energy medicine and cellular communications are the frontier to tackle this huge problem. And so the SHOW Method was born, which analyses the stressors causing allergies and inflammation and strives to de-stress the body of the quirks triggering inflammation of all sorts.

Because cellular communication involves genetic expression and genetic predispositions, software which can crunch the volume of data/information from the body became a necessary tool. The IMAET System evolved out of necessity to scan individuals for thousands of stressors at each wellness visit. Today, the development of software to scan the body and provide biofeedback is a main focus for me.

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Episode Highlights with Dr. Bernard Straile

  • With his roots in chiropractic medicine, Dr. Straile learned that energy medicine and cellular communication are the basis of understanding how the body functions.

  • His book, 1,000 Shades of Pink reveals that health and life are multifaceted and that no two diagnosis of breast cancer are identical.

  • Our Meridian system is the internet of our body. This understanding led to the creation of the IMAET system. (Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology)

  •  IMAET utilizes software as a quantum biofeedback device. This is an offspring of the technology created by Dr. Reinhold Voll who developed EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) to identify meridian points.

    • Life happens at the interface of the environment and the DNA. This communication if energetic, not physical.

    • 100 trillion cells require coordination

    • Everything has an innate frequency and all energy is electromagnetic

    • (For instance, iron deficiency has less to do with the lack of iron than the lack of iron metabolism. Therefor an energy approach often yields better results.)

    • IMAET can assess the disturbances in communication and overcome issues of epigenetics

      • The treatment can be only one time in simple mutations. Multiple mutations require more rebalancing.​

      • These can be done remotely

      • IMAET can recognize changes in emotions. (Used by US Olympic Field and Trach coach with excellent results.)

    • There are trainings to learn the IMAET system

  • The SHOW method is an acronym for Strategic, Holistic, Options, for Wellness. This method uses  individualized Biofeedback protocols to reduces epigenetic stress caused by inborn mutations and SNPs while harmonizing genetic expression of the body’s metabolism.

    • Everything is geared toward survival such as Candida overgrowth. ​

    • IMAET uses scalar frequencies and trivector technology with over 70,000 frequencies. 

    • It takes 24 hours for changes to occur

    • Basic scan uses 2,600 points and helps to pick up what needs to be prioritized

    • COVID r/t emotion of fear as it diminishes the belief in the healing capabilities of our body. 

    • Have begun to incorporate sound therapy into the IMAET. 

    • Early awareness yield better results and IMAET picks up signals early in the process of dysregulation.

  • See links and resources mentioned


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