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Carol Lourie

An Integrative Approach to Breast Cancer - What You Absolutely Need to Know! |

Dr. Carol Lourie

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Carol Lourie

About Dr. Carol Lourie

Dr. Carol Lourie is a dedicated practitioner with over three decades of clinical experience as a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Homeopath. 

Specializing in complex and chronic disease management, Carol applies integrative tools of focused nutrition, targeted supplementation, lifestyle changes, and centered mindset to help people recover and optimize their health. 

Healing is always possible! In order to heal body and mind, it’s important to acknowledge and respect the power of the spirit to heal.

Episode Highlights with Dr. Carol Lourie

Dr. Carol Lourie - Mind-body approach to Breast Cancer

  • -Cancer are cells that no longer abide their programmed signals to “stop”

  • -This can be caused by a variety of things such as, environmental toxins, genetics, or high stress environments and traumas.

  • -Often it is thought that the most crucial things to focus on after diagnosis would be eliminating things like processed food in the diet, or discussing thorough treatment plans.  However, establishing a healthy and positive mind-body relationship is crucial to healing cancer.

  • -The idea is to establish a more loving, feminine approach to eliminating the cancer itself. Instead of using words such as “fighting” the cancer when referring to treatment, which creates a harsher energy that is turned inward towards the body hindering healing.  

  • -Gearing up to fight your own body is counterproductive.

  • -Keeping an open positive dialog with the body also helps with recognizing any past events or traumas that could’ve contributed to the diagnosis.

  • -A doctor that allows for questions and is supportive is absolutely necessary to cultivating a healing environment 

  • -Oncology only treats the disease. Integrative care is necessary - It can literally change your life and how you feel during and after treatment by:

  • -Cope through treatment

  • -Detoxify when active treatments have been completed

  • -Minimize side-effects of hormonal therapies

  • -Reduce risk of recurrence

  • -Empower you to heal your mind from cancer

  • -Self-Care/Love

  • Suggestions of self care:

  • -Stay committed

  • -Supplementation

  • -Eliminate of stagnant/negative/outgrown relationships 

  • Breast cancer turns your world as you knew it upside down and wakes you up to what’s meaningful and precious in your life. It is both a scary and life-altering event – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Overall, it takes effort to make a conscious decision to change your mindset around a breast cancer diagnosis, but that is he first step to becoming empowered in this journey.

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My message...

Breast cancer turns your world as you knew it upside down and wakes you up to what’s meaningful and precious in your life.

Dr. Carol Lourie

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