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Podcast # 16 - A Journey of Multi-Cultural/Dimensional Healing | Dr. David Shorter

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. David Shorter

About Dr. David Shorter

Dr. David Delgado Shorter is Professor of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the University of California Los Angeles. The author of an award-winning book and the recipient of the University's top teaching award, Dr. Shorter has created three digital publications, produced and directed an ethnographic film, and curated exhibits both on-line and in Los Angeles. His research includes over two decades of collaboration with an indigenous community in Mexico and studying the borderland between the objective and intersubjective sciences. He has been interviewing psychics, mediums, and ufologists for the last decade, joining others to expand our definition of truth and knowledge. 


In 2016, Shorter became the Director of the Archive of Healing, a database of medicinal folklore from around the world. The database is drawn from six university archives, over 3,200 books, and over thirty years of first hand and second hand anthropological data, spanning seven continents. This recent work connects David’s role as a scholar to his personal journey, having been raised by a Mexican midwife, having apprenticed with a tribal healer, and establishing his own private practice in healing and plant medicine. 


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My Message...

Foundation for Health Creation 

Our modern medical system has severed itself from ancestral knowledge.

Dr. David Shorter

Episode Highlights with Dr. David Shorter

Dr. David Delgado Shorter 

Healthcare and Structural Inequality of the System; Looking at differences in alternative approaches to full body treatment, based upon different places/practices in the world.


Dreams as a community healing tool, are the messages in our dreams meant for others?

  • Dreams relate to real life aspects of our conscious world.

  • Considered a regular practice to discuss dreams with others

  • Considered a social practice

  • Dreams could be channeled through one person, but the message is meant for another 

  • Communities share dream stories during breakfast 

  • Rich material to share with friends

  • Can be a very refreshing experience 

Healing through dreams:

  • Instead of the medical treatments such as pharmaceuticals or other methods, certain dreams can be used to identify illnesses and makes it so that the patient is able to take responsibility for their treatment instead of being “poked and prodded” 

  • If struggling with dream recall, start by asking the universe for the presence of the dream itself 

  • Keep a dream journal

  • The practice of writing down, your brain is trained to “note” details of your dream, which leads to better recall

Dream interpretation recommendations? 

  • Be careful to fall for dream theorists that claim certain dreams mean things that are entirely different, however theorists that base analyzation off of the individual and their person experiences tend to be more successful in finding meaning

  • Check in with yourself about what the dream could represent metaphorically

  • Do not search for meaning on Google or in The Big Book of Dreams 

  • Lucid dreaming?

    • You are aware that the dreaming process is both partially of your own making, and partially not, so that you are aware of your dream while experiencing the dream.


Use of body work for healing:

  • Body massage can be used to disperse negative feelings that are carried within us, due to stress, trauma, etc

  • This energy can be pulled up through the back and neck, appearing as an “icky” black looking presence above the head, and then dispersed

  • Healing through energy and emotions

  • There are many “realms” that can be accessed at the same time, they may not be physical and could be states of being rather than physically present in a certain space 

  • In other cultures there may not be access to organic food or herbals so the focus may be on the energy instead

  • Without looking at the energy behind illness, we may not find the root cause


Non-earthy realms and UFO’s

  • Inspired by his father’s secret government work in New Mexico

  • The "O" in UFO is for object, yet we can often understand more when we look for the non-object

  • Abduction reports often include a person who has just passed or is soon to pass

  • There are nine different dimensions that have agency and can intersect


The archive of healing:

  • A database collected by an anthropologists over around 60 years

  • Creates a searchable database for this information

  • Developed a way for scholars, researchers, healers, etc. to be able to access this information

  • Able to search to ailments, and treatments 

  • Going live online in March!

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