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Dr. Frank Oberle

Podcast # 37 - INUSpheresis: An Innovative Blood Plasma Purification Therapy From Switzerland You Need to Know About | Frank Oberle

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Frank Oberle

About Frank Oberle

Frank Oberle is a medical practitioner leading the INUSpherese®-Center at the Alpstein Clinic in Switzerland.  He specializes in anesthesiology, emergency medicine, as well as immunobiology, nutrition, detoxification, and holistic medicine. His extensive experience in medicine expounded into alternative approaches when he found himself very ill, and wanted to heal himself.


  • Federal medical specialist for anesthesia

  • Additional qualification emergency medicine (Germany)

  • Rescue service since 1986: (EMT, emergency doctor & instructor)

  • 2 years: internal medicine, oncology & intensive care medicine

  • 2 years: general medicine at Medi-Center Samnaun/ GR

  • 4 years: anesthesia at Freiburg JKH (intensive care medicine)

  • 4 years: anesthesia at Kantonsspital St.Gallen

  • 16 years: instructor and supervisor at institute for applied emergency medicine in Freiburg

  • Since 8 years ago: senior anesthesia physician

  • 6 years ago: additional education in the field of complementary and alternative medicine, e.g.: vital blood analysis and immunobiology.

  • Since 5 years ago: CEO of coaching company in the fields of nutrition, detoxification, holistic well-being, body forming, weight loss, mindset, personality development, life goals

  • CEO of OberlePhotoart

  • Host of Anesthesia-TNT channel on Youtube

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  • Vital blood analysis

  • Immunobiology

  • Complementary medicine

  • Anesthesia

  • Emergency medicine

  • Holistic well-being

  • Nutrition

  • Detoxification


  • German

  • English

My message...
It is not survival of the fittest; it is not competition, it is compassion.  
Frank Oberle

Episode Highlights with Frank Oberle

  • The human body will always give signs and symptoms that chronic illness is developing.    

    • Cancer never just crops up out of nowhere… it is possible to pay attention to the signs of the body and avoid major chronic illness and disease

  • INUSpheresis® therapy is a plasma purification therapy which removes toxins from the blood. 

    • The therapy is decades old, tried and true, safe, gentle, and effective.

  • Who is INUSpheresis® therapy appropriate for? 

    •  It can be a prophylactic therapy for everyone, since everyone has toxic substances within their bodies.  

    • The complication rate of INUSpheresis® is extremely low

    • Most people need 1-2 treatments, then 1-2 follow up treatments before their bodies are able to self-regulate 

  • INUSpheresis® also removes heavy metals from the blood

    • Treatments are done with patients awake and comfortable.  Sometimes fatigue will set in during treatment.

  • There is a concentration gradient difference between the toxicity within the cells, and without the cells.  The INUSpheresis®  addresses this by removing the toxins, but one or more follow-up sessions is needed, because nature tries to correct the concentration gradient by dumping toxins into the places it was removed.  Therefore, a second session is most effective within 48-72 hours.  The second session penetrates into the cells themselves to clean them.

  • Immediate results are seen with Alzheimer’s patients.  There are always heavy metals involved with Alzheimer’s disease presentation.

  • Effective in treating/assisting Cancer patients especially who have endured chemo and radiation

  • INUSpheresis®  is amazing for Lyme disease, it removes biofilms, also exposes more bacteria that was present but “hiding,” and gives the immune system an opportunity to target them.  Also effective for autoimmune illnesses, and mold illnesses.

  • Very few contraindications, with exception of very late-stage cancerous tumors, organ failure, or children younger than 14.

  • Emotional and mental releases are noted after INUSpheresis®  therapy as well – patients are able to release toxic thought patterns and emotional blockages after receiving the therapy.

  • Recommended to remove amalgams safely as soon as possible.  X-rays are taken before any INUSpheresis®  therapy.  

    • Safe removal is possible to do at the Alpstein Clinic

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