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Greg Eckel

Shake It Off: Using a Heart-Centered Approach to Create Optimal Brain Health and Reverse Parkinson's, Dementia, and More | Dr. Greg Eckel

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Dr. Greg Eckel

About Greg Eckel

Dr. Greg Eckel has spent the last 20+ years developing and refining his unique approach to chronic neurological conditions. In addition to his experience in clinical practice using a combination of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine, he has a deep personal connection with chronic neurological disease since his wife Sarieah passed of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a condition with no known cure. He took a deep dive into research and uncovered regenerative medicine and the development of a brain regenerative program. In loving memory of his wife, he has continued to help others with neurodegenerative diseases improve their quality of life and find natural solutions.

Dr. Eckel is a highly respected international lecturer, author, and expert in integrative care for neurodegeneration. Co-Founder and owner of Nature Cures Clinic in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Eckel was also appointed by the governor of Oregon and served as the board president of the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners. He has been a featured expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX television stations.

Shake if Off Eckel Book
My Message
“My goal is to help people create from their heart space.  And to do that… you have to be healthy.  You have to be able to access all of the regions of your brain.”
-Dr. Greg Eckel

Episode Highlights with Greg Eckel 


  • Dr. Eckel lost his wife and partner to an uncurable neurological disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which instigated a deep dive into neuro-regenerative research.

  • What is dis-ease?  It is the body’s process of trying to correct and heal itself.  Sometimes it is not pretty.

  • Incorporating the spiritual and intuitive aspects of life and living can offer a new perspective on health and healing. 

  • Grief work is powerful medicine.  In TCM, it correlates with the lungs.

  • Phospholipid nanoparticles are present in the current “vaccine” – we do not know the effects these have on the human body.  Clinically, neurological symptoms have been showing up post-injection.

  • Dr. Eckel uses the FAN-C Approach which helps with neuroregeneration, and longevity.  F= Functional Approach for heart-centered beings.  A = Assessment  N = Nerve health  C = Cellular regeneration

  • Must test for heavy metals if neurological symptoms are present!

  • Addressing the microbiome in neurological patients is also crucial.

  • Hypothyroidism can mimic Parkinson’s – testing the thyroid is important.

  • The next stop of assessment includes things like Lyme, mold, etc.

  • The average age of onset of dementia in 2019 was 47 years old.  If you have a brain and are listening to this podcast, you should be concerned with your brain health.

  • The new “smoking” is lack of sleep. 

  • If you’re not getting 20% or more of your sleep as deep sleep, your brain is not detoxing properly.

  • Movement promotes brain health.  HIIT for 4 minutes will increase your brain-derived neurotropic factor.  Increases blood flow and oxygenation. 

  • Hydration is key and foundational to brain health.  See our water section with relevant articles and information on proper hydration here.

  • Limiting beliefs and unresolved stories also affect your neurological health.

  • Using breathwork is effective as both prevention and a treatment.

  • Dr. Eckel created Clear Mind - a nasal spray that inactivates prions. Helps anxiety, speech, cognition. 

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