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Greg Glaser

Podcast #28 - Science Reveals That the Unva((inated are the Healthiest People on Earth | Greg Glaser, Esq.

The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest
Greg Glaser

About Greg Glaser

Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California. He is the lead counsel for The Control Group, a pilot survey of unvaccinated Americans that has filed Federal litigation to support the right to remain unvaccinated. He is also the General Counsel for Physicians for Informed Consent, a nonprofit organization opposed to vaccine mandates.   


Greg was recently called a 'human vaccine encyclopedia' for his work with the litigation team opposing the UC's mandatory flu shot.  He is passionate about organic living and the Constitution.  

My Message...
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The Unvaccinated are the Healthiest People on the Earth
Greg Glaser
Greg Glaser

Foundation for Health Creation 

Episode Highlights with Greg Glaser

  • Greg Glaser

    • Represents Unvaccinated People

    • California Lawyer 17 years

  • Vaccination can be used as an Orwellian tool

    • There has NEVER been a real comparison of the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated


    • They are 40x’s healthier!!!

    • The unvaccinated hold the key to health!

  • How often do children go to the doctors?

    • The difference 10 vaccines in the past, 72 at present

    • Bring back our rights to preserve the rights of the unvaccinated

    • The CDC schedule shows a Pearson correlation coefficient

    • The answer is .99 – the one common denominator using a cross-section of a variety of people

    • The results in NY vs CA was almost identical. The standard deviation was tiny. This shows accuracy for the results.

    • These vaccines are destroying our nation. Just need to look at the health of our children

  • Without testing it is apparent the health difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

    • This information should be at the top of our news feed

  • Legally this is impeccably cited and was dismissed at a lower-level

    • Should have a new hearing in 2021

    • In court shows the vaccination schedule ( to see the documents)

    • The unvaccinated are an endangered species

    • There is a genocide agenda to exterminate the unvaccinated

    • Have we placed the murderer in place of the evidence?

      • This is the antithesis of science -Short term studies show one vaccine against another and declare them equally safe…or unsafe

      • Pharma is desperate to destroy the evidence

        • A white paper on how to perform a vaccinated study excludes those who don’t frequent doctors

        • You can’t cook the books on the group is 4000% healthier

        • The unvaccinated have a robust immune system

        • The most educated people do no vaccinate

  • Pediatricians make 75% of their income from vaccines.

    • Insurance incentives. Can mean over 1 million dollars with a thriving practice

    • SIDS numbers …vaccine uptake estimated to drop for about 1/3 and SIDS incidence dropped by 1/3

      • Vaccines are at the root cause of chronic illness at time machine to the 1950’s

    • Engineers solved it all and vaccines were introduced when on the decline

      • Varicella- was on the decline before the introduced

      • Living conditions eclipsed medicine = 3%

      • Vaccines cause 80% damage and this needs to be proven

      • We need to remove the smokescreen of vaccine studies

  • The study validity– responses hand written and were told this was to be used as evidence

    • Willing to do a study with the government and have records checked

    • Multiple doctors confirm that the unvaccinated are the healthiest

      • Great utility in looking at the partially vaccinated yet the combinations go into the millions

      • Health of babies whose mother that got vaccinated during pregnancy are more consistent with those who have received vaccines

      • Miscarriages with the COVID vaccine. S/E not rare.

      • The safest thing you can do is NOT to vaccinate

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